Vocabulary words for getting Taiwan passport - English and Chinese

Hi everyone, I’ve had a lot of trouble keeping track of the special Chinese vocabulary words involved in getting a passport for Taiwan. I’ve started a list. If you have additional words to add, please feel free to comment. Many thanks to Tando for 2 very useful lists.

Version 2. Last updated on August 12th, 2020

Alien Resident Certificate - 外僑居留證(移民署發)

Alien Permanent Resident Certificate (issued by NIA) - 外僑永久居留證(移民署發)

Birth certificate - 出生證明

Certificate of Naturalization - 入籍證明 - Rùjí zhèngmíng

Certificate (proof) - 證明文件 - Zhèngmíng wénjiàn

Dependents - 依親 - Yī qīn

Domicile - 住所 - Zhùsuǒ

Entry permit - 入國許可

Holder (of a certificate) - 者

Household certificate or household register- 戶口名簿 - Hùkǒu míngbù

Household ID number - 戶號 - Hù hào

Household Registration English Transcript - 英文戶籍謄本 - Yīngwén hùjí téngběn

Household Registration Information System - 戶(役)政資訊系統 - Hù (yì) zhèng zīxùn xìtǒng

Household registration office - 戶政事務所 - Hù zhèng shìwù suǒ

household registration record - 戶籍資料 - Hùjí zīliào

Household registration transcript - 戶籍謄本 - Hùjí téngběn

Legal proxy - 受委託人 - Shòu wěituō rén

Letter of proxy - 委託書 - Wěituō shū (Note that Google translates this to Power of Attorney)

Lineal descendants - 直系卑親屬 - Zhíxì bēi qīnshǔ

Lineal relatives by blood - 直系血親

Marriage certificate - 結婚證明

National Identification Card (National ID Card) - 國民身分證

National ID No. - 統一編號

National Immigration Agency - 移民署 - Yímín shǔ

National with Household Registration - 有戶籍國民

National without Household Registration (NWOHR) - 無戶籍國民

Naturalization - 歸化(國籍) - Guī huà (guójí)

Passport - 護照

Permanent Resident Certificate - (臺灣地區)定居證(移民署發)

Power of attorney - 授權書 - Shòuquán shū

Re-issuance - 補領 - Bǔ lǐng

Relatives by marriage - 姻親

Resident Visa - 居留簽證(外交部發)

Restoration of household registration - 恢復戶籍

(ROC)Nationality Certificate - (中華民國)國籍證明書

R.O.C. passport with Taiwanese National ID Number - 有註記臺灣身分證字號的中華民國普通護照

R.O.C. passports without Taiwanese National ID Number - 中華民國無戶籍國民護照

Scanned file - 掃描檔 - Sǎomiáo dàng

Signature/Seal - 簽章 - Qiān zhāng

Transliteration - 譯音 - Yìyīn

Unified ID Number - 統一證號

Verification or certification as authentic - 驗證 - Yànzhèng


Bilingual Words and Phrases of Household Registrations

Bilingual Glossary 雙語詞彙


Tando, thank you very much! The 2 lists you provided are very useful. I’ve added a lot of those words to my list.

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移民署發 means it’s issued by the NIA.

Alien Permanent Resident Certificate - 外僑永久居留證者(移民署發)

者 can function like if or can indicate that someone is doing something. In this case I would say holder of an APRC (issued by the NIA).

Unified No. - 統一證號

Unified ID number.

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yyy, thank you very much for these important corrections.

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Additional words and explanations: (I learned that in general you cannot edit a forumosa post after 24 hours, apparently.)

Transcript - 謄 - Téng

Resident certificate - 居留證 - Jūliú zhèng (issued by ROC). This is an ID card There are several types:

Resident permit - 居留許可

Residence visa - 居留簽證 - Jūliú qiānzhèng (issued by TECO). This is the document that lets you enter Taiwan to take up residence

You can look in wikipedia under Resident Certificate

This page https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q7315431 lists some other ways to refer to this document.

This official government document explains visa and residence permit procedures, starting on page 75 or so. You can find this document by searching for “Taiwan TARC” in Google. https://www-ws.gov.taipei/Download.ashx?u=LzAwMS9VcGxvYWQvcHVibGljL0F0dGFjaG1lbnQvNDIyNDExMTc1Mzg2LnBkZg%3D%3D&n=NDIyNDExMTc1Mzg2LnBkZg%3D%3D&icon=..pdf

Many thanks to tando for providing a correction.

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居留證 resident certificate.

Resident permit is 居留許可.


tando, thank you very much! I made the correction.

Here are some official TECO bilingual forms that are useful for learning Power of Attorney vocabulary words.
I have created a new post that provides these blank forms, so that people can find them whether or not they are trying to learn vocabulary words.

link 1 is from https://www.roc-taiwan.org/ussfo_en/post/120.html Also look at other links from that page.

link 2 is Power of Attorney form from https://www.roc-taiwan.org/usden_en/post/3179.html (TECO Denver)

TECO Denver provides a Certification form for POA at https://www.roc-taiwan.org/usden_en/post/1582.html

Adding vocabulary words:

Bureau of Consular Affairs - 領事事務局 - Lǐng shì shì wù jú, at https://www.boca.gov.tw/mp-2.html

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - 外交部 - Wài jiāo bù, at mofa.gov.tw

TECO - 駐外館 - Zhù wài guǎn (many other translations are possible)

Shouldn’t that be guǎn?

Thank you. I fixed it. I had copied it from a website.

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Many words can mean TECO.

(台北經濟文化)代表處, 大使館, 駐外館處, 駐外機構
(大使館 cannot be translated to TECO, but maybe people use TECO to mean this too.)

Maybe TECO means 代表處, and 駐外館 means 大使館 (Embassy of the Republic of China). 駐外館處 and 駐外機構 mean both.

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Thank you. That’s helpful. I edited my post to reflect that.
I think I heard the Household Registration Office in Taipei use 駐外館 on the phone with me, so I wanted to make sure to note that, since it’s not easy to find on the internet.