VOIP service tw outbound

I’m looking for a VOIP service that allows unlimited calling from tw to US. I can find a bunch that allow unlimited US to tw, but having never used the service, I’m not certain if it is the same. Does anyone have experience with 8X8 or the like? Does IP country location affect whether I use a tw company or otherwise? Does it affect whether I have a US phone # or tw?
Really, I would call customer service, but since my phone is on non-stop hold with IRS, I’ll ask here. And I need reliability; I can’t hold for 2 hours just to be disconnected.

If it is a real VOIP service, then it just needs free calls to US. It does not matter where in the world you are calling from since it uses the internet.

I have German VOIP. I can connect and make calls from anywhere. Btw. Android has a native VOIP client build in. You can use VOIP similar like calling from SIM Card.

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I don’t need to make calls to US so I can’t recommend any.

May be you can use Google Voice as alternative?

It looks like i’d have to use a VPN with Voice. I’ll research that option. I didn’t even know about it. The price is right for sure!

Yikes! the privacy is a real issue. This is no good for client’s sensitive data.
Back to the drawing board

I use a service called TextNow, it’s an app that allows free calling to USA and Canada from anywhere with wifi or data connection.

The only catch is once i used an hour of calling per day for a month and they started blocking that calls for abuse … after a week the block was undone. So it’s free and pretty useful.

For more reliability you can get Skype with unlimited USA calling

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You can simply get a VOIP service based in the US, calls will be local and probably free. I use one based in Sydney, get a Sydney 02 number for inbound and outbound caller ID.
It doesnt matter where you are, VOIP is internet based so you can connect from anywhere aslong as you have a username/pass and the server details.

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