CHT, Far East Tone, Asia Pacific Telecom, Taiwan Mobile, and TStar have all rolled out their VoLTE service. The first 3 companies have also rolled out their VoWIFI service.

I have a VoLTE compliant phone (Zenfone 3 ZE552KL), and if I goto the settings menu and look under Cellular networks setting, I can toggle VoLTE to be on and off.

The sad thing is CHT will charge me an additional 30 NT a month if I want to use VoLTE. I would also need to call their 800 number to enable the service…

I thought telecom companies would want to get people onto VoLTE so they can stop maintaining the old 2G equipments.

I kinda of want to get VoWIFI because some rooms at my place have terrible reception.

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@Charlie_Jack just liked this post in 2023. I thought I could also give an update:

All carriers offer free VoLTE, except they all limit to just within the network. Only CHT also provides the function on their pre-paid cards.

CHT, Far Eastone, Taiwan Mobile and Asia Pacific Telecom 4G users get free VoWiFi, very useful if you go abroad. Although only CHT and APT 4G users can use SMS through VoWiFi.

You can get a free eSim the first time you apply for one for all carriers. Only Taiwan Mobile and Tstar let’s you apply online though.

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Interesting thing to note, is that I have a 300NT IF card from CHTelecom that I renew every 6 months. I called into CHTelecom to enable wifi calling. I then proceeded to bring that phone to the US. In the US, that cell phone will receive calls and make calls to Taiwan with no issues, but I do not receive any text messages. Not sure why.

啟用VoLTE服務同時享有VoWiFi、IP簡訊(IP SMS)功能,用戶可透過手機設定分別開關VoLTE與VoWiFi功能。

When VoLTE service is enabled, VoWiFi and IP SMS functions are also available. Users can turn on and off VoLTE and VoWiFi functions separately through mobile phone settings.

Seems one has to turn on IP SMS separately.
But I am not sure which providers and phones support it. Just ask your provider.