Voluntary suspension


Anyway of suspending me for a week or two and blocking my ISPs? I was trying not to post anymore, and made a pretty good go of it for a while, but it’s really cutting into my freetime (and even worktime) now.

Or do I have to do something to get suspended?

Sloppy poos to all you faggy darky gay lesbos.




We need to start a support group.


I need a read only suspension - no posting but able to read - that will be torture


Torture for you…heaven for us!!!


I’ll join you guys. :frowning:

Do you think we could invite the penguin as guest speaker?



Sir Donald Bradman

We could ban you for a few weeks. :laughing:


I can think of some torture that I’d like to do to you right now. Do you like bamboo shoots? AH