Volunteer English Tutoring/Exchange

Hello, I’m wondering what opportunities I have as a native-English speaker to volunteer my abilities, perhaps at language institutes in exchange for credit towards Chinese language courses or other exchanges.

I heard that this is more common in China but was wondering if anyone knows of similar types of volunteer exchanges in Taiwan – specifically Taipei.

To be clear this is different than me looking for a teaching job – I’m not looking to exchange time for pay.

I don’t know too much about it.
But I heard you can find some information on https://www.workaway.info/
They volunteer English exchanges at different businesses and homes. Not sure about at University.
You might have to look the specific university and contact them directly.

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Also mate, I think a lot of Universities require you to be a student in order to exchange language or take a language class. I did a quick google search and I found this. http://english.ntpu.edu.tw/files/11-1003-110-1.php .

should it be in exchange for something? Just some cultural exchange counted? Just to volunteer for nothing is included?

My sister did a language exchange in Japan and she found it on workaway.info.
She volunteered at a Japanese cafe where she had conversation with the Japanese guest in English exchange for a bed overnight.