Volunteer Website Host for Nationality Site

Subject: “Aliens’ Rights to Obtain ROC Nationality with Retention of Original Nationality”

At the present time, I am actively involved in at least three court cases that have bearing on this entire issue. Some of these cases began nearly three years ago, so I can fairly say that am at a very advanced state of research, far beyond anything that a local Taiwanese lawyer could advise you about.

I know how to work cases through the administrative court system, I know how to lobby in the Legislative Yuan, and I have recently had several long talks with the top officials and lawyers in the Ministry of Interior’s Nationality Department. I believe that I have identified where the problems are, and at this stage there is a need to make relevant information available to all concerned parties in Taiwan, so that we can move together in an organized fashion.

Hence, I desire to locate a suitable web-service provider who willing to set up an informational website, on a volunteer basis, so that all related information can be put on the website, something similar to what we have for foreign spouses at http://www.tainan.com/nnfs
That website is sponsored by yangyi.com, and does not contain those irritating pop-up ads or any other such nonsense.

I envision posting much data in English (primarily in HTML format) and Chinese (primarily Adobe Acrobat format, for the benefit of those without Chinese system). For example, I will be able to post specific legal, social, and constitutional arguments in Chinese, as to why foreigners should be entitled to “Obtain ROC Nationality with Retention of Original Nationality”, and post summaries in English. In this way the results of my many years of research will be instantly available to any interested lawyers, legislators, researchers, and other people who may be able to assist in moving this agenda forward.

I also intend to hire a part-time secretary to advance this agenda, hence there will be the need to ask for donations.

Ideally, someone who is working with a local internet service provider, who has the relevant experience and would be willing to donate a website, could be found. I also need to have “mailing list” capability, where interested parties people can automatically subscribe or unsubscribe to the mailing list by submitting a simple email message. I admire what the German Press and Information Office is doing with its mailings, which may be subscribed to via

Christine, the co-founder of ORIENTED.ORG, has discussed this entire idea with me in a recent series of email exchanges. She has agreed to my idea of posting a thread in the Human Rights Forum in an attempt to get this project rolling, and views this as another potential beneficial spinoff of the entire ORIENTED.ORG platform.

With your permission I would like to send a copy of this post and a link to this bulletin board to people who I think might be interested in this or might know people who could possibly provide assistance. Would that be OK ?

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Free Websites on Yahoo–good start

List serv for Taiwan expat email group, good enough for the ROC gov’t, probably good enough for us?

I just got 5 years hosting and domain name registration at affordablehost.com for US$90, 25MB, 500MB/month thruput. It was $90 and not $100 because the lady let me in under the “geocities refugees” special plan, as GeoCities is cutting off free FTP uploads, it is time to get out of there.

The only doubt is that it is way far away in the USA and hence subject to terrorist attacks.

Taiwan Documents website is using a Canadian server, I think, but I don’t know if useful or not for economical issues. Jurisdictional issues of free speech were part of the choice for their server site. This is the Internet, so distance is not an issue with a good server.

I just got 5 years hosting and domain name registration at affordablehost.com for US$90, 25MB, 500MB/month thruput. It was $90 and not $100 because the lady let me in under the “geocities refugees” special plan, as GeoCities is cutting off free FTP uploads, it is time to get out of there.

The only doubt is that it is way far away in the USA and thus subject to the same disconnections that oriented.org seems to have for me due to some network trouble that hopefully is temporary.

Doesn’t HinetCity give you 5MB free webspace since you use hinet? But then again, the ads would make you look less professional, and you do want your own domain name.

Actually my dream is mirror servers in the USA and Taiwan, invisible to the user as to which one is connected to.

Anyways, please don’t make a mess of things with FrontPage, and just do the HTML by hand, see http://webtips.dantobias.com/ “Avoid PDF for
On-Screen Reading”: http://www.useit.com/alertbox/20010610.html

I wrote an article on this “Foreigners’ Rights to Obtain ROC Nationality with Retention of Original Nationality” topic, and submitted it to the CHINA POST. I would expect that article to be published in the CHINA POST “Prime Time Section” on Friday, March 22nd.

[Moderator’s Note: Indeed, this article did appear in the newspaper on March 22nd.]

Hi Richard/all:

Was this article finally published?

If anyone knows, please share it with us. If yes, I’ll buy one ChinaPost newspaper every Friday, now and in the future.


Richard apparently has written a neat article for the CHINA POST.
[Sniff] Richard, can you renegotiate your contract with the newspapers to allow internet posting of your article some how, as there are those of us 1. in Taiwan, but rural, or 2. not in Taiwan.

[Moderator’s note: Comments of this nature should be directed to the publishers of the CHINA POST.]

In regard to this topic of “Foreigners’ Rights to Obtain ROC Nationality with Retention of Original Nationality”.

I have been advised that when the website is set up, it would be best to have an independent domain name, also that we would be suitable for the “org” category.

Can anyone suggest a suitable internet domain name based on these criteria?

I think that “nationality.org”, “foreign.org”, “rights.org” are all too broad in scope, while FROROCNRON.org is too wierd . . . . I probably don’t want anything over 14 letters (before the .org), and the shorter the better.

Your comments? (As different domain names are suggested, I would also welcome anyone’s input on the suitability of those suggestions.)


I’ve just upgraded my hosting plan and can now run e-mail discussion lists. You’re welcome to run this through my site – and to post all of your documents there.

I won’t be able to do much computer-related work for a few more days, however, because my home is still in disarray and filled with dust from the removal of “wall cancer,” etc. Once things are back to normal here, I can get to work on this.

If you decide to move the list to its own domain later, that wouldn’t be a problem.

I propose a simple and nice domain name:


Pls notice that the .TW is very important
because it represents Taiwan


I think that all the above suggestions are very good.

Over the past week, I have begun to think that a very suitable choice would be


Does anyone have any comments on this?

newcitizen.org is good.

neoamericancolonialist.org is better!

manifestdestinyofhumanrights.org is best!

Ok, maybe not. newcitizen.org is a definite for top of the list.

Why not dualcitizen.org.tw?

I also prefer “dualcitizen.org.tw.” “Newcitizen” doen’t emphasize that we want to keep our original citizenship.

My initial comments on my hesitancy to use dualcitizen.org.tw are as follows:

As you probably know, there are many local ROC citizens who have lived overseas for some period of time and obtained citizenship in other countries. Hence, they are dual citizens.

These dual citizens have many of their own unique problems, such as those regarding (1) tax liability, (2) real estate ownership, (3) voting rights, (4) schooling rights for children, (5) investment rights, (5) immigration and visa matters, etc. etc.

Indeed, it is my impression at the present time that the average Taiwanese person’s understanding of the term dual citizen is exactly this: a local citizen who has lived in another country for some length of time and obtained citizenship rights there. This clearly is not OUR PROFILE.


I see your point. And you could also argue that most new citizens in Taiwan would be interested in retaining their original citizenship.

Still, I doubt there would be much confusion with either name, and any such confusion would be of little consequence. If I were doing a search on the Internet, the two names would attract me more-or-less equally. Your key words will be more imporant than the URL in guiding visitors to the site. Once at the site, visitors will easily figure out what it’s about. That being said, I still prefer “dualcitizen”, because I think it’s more descriptive. IMHO

Richard, are you still looking for a server? I run a “virtual server”, which means I get X amount of websites for a set monthly fee. I can do just about the same with the sites as if it were my own server. The physical server is located in the States but I have had no problems with access here in Taiwan. My personal feeling is that it is faster than most local hosting. I would be willing to donate one of my allocated web site spaces. No pop ups, adverts etc. If your still looking send me an email ad we can discuss in more detail if it meets your needs.