Volunteering in Taipei

Hi…I know there is a volunteer opportunities list, but it doesn’t seem all that happenin’, so I thought I’d post in this list…

I spent some time with the Fine Art Museum @ Yuanshan, but I was relegated to checking coats and umbrellas. My Chinese reading/speaking skills are pretty good, so I was hoping for something a little more interesting…

Has anyone here done any volunteer work at any of the art / history museums in Taipei?

I haven’t done any volunteer work here (although I wouldn’t mind getting into “life skills training” for naughty young females). :smiling_imp:

In “Taipei Living”, a book put out by the Taipei Community Services Center, there is a list of volunteer opportunities. I can’t find my copy at the moment - I’ll post details later when I do.

Found the bugger buried under a huge pile.
However, my “Taipei Living” is a 1999 edition so I suggest having a look at the latest edition. Read it in a store - it is awfully overpriced (my "99 one cost NT$800).

Anyway, to give you a taste, it lists the following opportunities:

  • working with children in orphanages
  • working with children in half-way homes
  • visiting expats in prison
  • helping the disabled learn horse-back riding
  • working with handicapped children
  • working at the National Palace Museum
  • teaching life skills to naughty young females
  • working at as a guide at Yangmingshan National Park’s information center.

What?! Naughty young males don’t need to be taught life skills? Not fair! :smiling_imp:

Thanks for the info…I’ll go hang out at the bookstore for a while…

What kind of volunteer work at the NAtional Palace Museum would that be? Tour guide?

Mesheel wrote: [quote]What kind of volunteer work at the NAtional Palace Museum would that be? Tour guide?[/quote]

Yes, a tour guide. The book says “Includes three months intensive training and one year contract upon completion. (Please apply during summer before August 10).”
I’m not sure what they mean by “contract” and - as I warned earlier - this info is a little old.

Here’s more info on the volunteer program of the NPM.

I have a Master degree in East Asian Art History and was thinking of doing the program, if I don’t find a job any time soon, but then again I was told, that their program is made for amateurs and that they have their own stubborn view on Art and History. So if you know a little about it and don’t agree with their views it might not be a good thing to do it…
We’ll see, haven’t decided yet…