Volunteering opportunities (in English in Kaohsiung)?

I thought I might give a little bit of time on the weekends to volunteering.

Quickly, before the spirit escapes me, I’d like to know if there are any worthwhile causes (in the Kaohsiung area) that could use the help, but for whom the lack of any Chinese whatsoever would not be a problem.

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Beach clean up?

I was thinking more of group activities - ideally where there is a group thats helping that I can be a part of, and a group that is the direct and immediate beneficiary.

I suppose if there were organized beach cleanups that could at least satisfy half (doing it with people) but not ideal (as the benefit goes to the public trust).

There is a group of vets that go around fixing dogs and cats for free around pingtung (close to you). Most of them are from kaohsiung but cause ktown is a cold shitty place they banned them there. Great group. Rewarding, everything plus. Always moving around.

Chinese is useful though.

Is it legal now for foreigners to volunteer now?

Didn’t even consider that.

I can understand about not wanting pet fondlers in town, but are they really wanting to deport people who help out the society?



Wow thats great news. Step in the right direction :slight_smile:

This sounds great, do they have a website or something?