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Just passing this on as it was emailed to me. I don’t mind if you slag Bush, Michael Moore or me, but slagging the friend that passed it on could be cause for me to hunt you down and put you in a figure four leg lock. Thought at least one person would like to see this and also wanted to see if what people say about IP posters are true (that your a bunch of grumpy mean ol’ meanies)

Dear MoveOn member,

As members who volunteered to help get the word out about Fahrenheit 9/11, either by holding screenings or bringing family and friends to the theater, we thought you would be interested in another great chance to help get out our message.

The fight for the truth is far from over. After winning by fewer votes than any sitting President since Truman, Bush is running around peddling a “mandate” for his extremist agenda. This is a battle over public opinion, and it’s our job to stop the Bush spin machine in its tracks.

In the next few days we have an unusual but powerful opportunity to do just that. Fahrenheit 9/11 has been chosen as a finalist for the People’s Choice award for “Favorite Film of the Year” – the first documentary ever to make it so far. The winner will be chosen by online voting in the next few days, and your participation could help push F911 over the edge. Cast your vote here:

The People’s Choice is like the Academy Awards for the common man, where nominations and winners are chosen directly from unfiltered public input. If Fahrenheit 9/11 wins as the “Favorite Film of the Year” (or even places high in the rankings) it will make it clear that Americans are in no mood to grant Bush a mandate – no mandate to deceive, to disregard the lives of our troops or the pain of families bereaved here and across the globe.

And heck, we deserve something to celebrate.

Below is a letter Michael Moore asked us to send out announcing the good news.

Thanks for all you do,

–Adam, Ben and the whole MoveOn PAC team
December 10, 2004

Letter from Michael Moore

Dear Friends,

May I take a break from our post-election despair to share with you a little piece of happy/silly/cool news?

“Fahrenheit 9/11” has been nominated by the People’s Choice Awards as the American public’s “Favorite Film of the Year.” The five nominees were chosen from a poll of thousands of Americans in mid-to-late November. The other nominees for best film are “Spiderman 2,” “The Incredibles,” “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” (with Jim Carrey), and “Shrek 2.” It is the first time ever a documentary has been nominated for best film by the People’s Choice Awards.

The People’s Choice Awards are considered, among all the awards shows, to be the one which most accurately reflects the “mainstream” public opinion in the United States.

OK, now, here’s the best part: YOU get to vote! Online. Now. Just go to, click on the little circle next to “Fahrenheit 9/11” in the “Favorite Movie” category and press the “vote” button. Voting is going on now and continues only through this coming Monday, December 13, at 3:00pm ET, so send an e-mail to your friends and let them know they can vote, too. Winners will accept their awards live on CBS on January 9.

Now, normally I wouldn’t make a very big deal out of something like this. It’s nice and I’m honored, but it’s not exactly the number one priority on any of our minds these days. In fact, when we found out we were nominated over a week ago, I didn’t even think to tell you about it or put it up on our website.

But then a group of top Republicans took out a full page ad in USA Today (and placed a similar one in the Hollywood trade magazine, Variety) proclaiming that “An election is over, but a war of ideas continues.” The point of the ad was to say that while they, as right wing conservatives, were proud of getting rid of Kerry, there was still one more nuisance running around loose they had to deal with – me! They also issued a not-so-subtle threat to the Academy Awards voters that, in essence, said don’t even THINK about nominating “Fahrenheit 9/11” for Best Picture. And Bill O’Reilly recently bellowed that if the Oscars recognize my work this year, Middle America will boycott Hollywood.

Oops. I guess he spoke too soon. Because now along comes Middle America’s favorite awards show, the People’s Choice, and the People’s Choice this year, along with a Spiderman superhero and a lovable green ogre, is a film that apparently continues to resonate throughout the country. The truth about Iraq, Bush, terror and fear. The election has not altered or made irrelevant, unfortunately, a single one of these issues. That they (and the film that dealt with these issues) are still at the forefront of the majority of the public’s minds should give serious pause to Mr. Bush as he brags about a nonexistent “mandate” and begins to spend his “political capital.”

He may have been (barely) the people’s choice on November 2 (Ohio recount excluded), but now the people get to vote again, this time for a movie. It’s about the best we can do right now, and, trust me, it won’t be long before we start the real work we need to do to get our country back.

Again, go to if you want to vote for our film. I promise, if we win, to give a nice and polite speech.


Michael Moore
mmflint [at] (he uses AOL :laughing:)

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