Vote for "Taipei" on the new Global Edition Monopoly board!

Hasbro is creating a global edition Monopoly, and Taipei has a crack at making it on as a wild card entry. The 20 pre-selected cities with the highest worldwide votes will make it onto the board. Plus, you will have from February 29 to March 9 2008 to vote on the most nominated Wildcard cities. Only the top two will make it on the board, and Taipei is currently ranked Number 3, behind Gdynia, Poland, and Quebec City, Canada!

Click here to get to the site. You’ll need to register, but voting is pretty straightforward! :rainbow:

Go Quebec!

Come on, Quebec City, or Taipei? Ok, Quebec City and Taipei. Gdynia???

Winnipeg is in the running as well, so I’m quite torn between which to vote for, Winnipeg or Taipei.

Quebec City? :thumbsdown: :raspberry: :smiley:

Not a hope in hell of putting Taipei on it IMHO

Hasbro will want to avoid pissing off the babies over the straight

Michael Turton has now posted this on his blog, so I’m hoping some Taiwanese bloggers will pick it up and pass it on. :slight_smile:

Why did they take remove Israel after Jerusalem? And then remove all of the country names? I’ll vote for Taipei, but I wish they put the country names on after the cities. That would really stick it to the fascist Chicoms and Arab regimes.

Taipei is now in second place! We have eight more days to vote - you can vote again and again, so don’t just stop with one vote!

Monopoly Taiwan Edition

“Go to jail. go directly to jail. Do not pass go, do not collect $200 …unless you have good guanxi with the police chief and can buy your way out”

Instead of hotels- KTVs?

Instead of Community Chest- Clear your Chest!

When you land on Free Parking- you pay some bin lang chewing old geezer who is illegally charging you for parking spaces NT30 for an hour.

“Go Back 3 spaces- this is Taiwan!”

" You are caught in a love motel sex scandal, pay each player NT 20,000 to keep quiet"

I got a million of them!!!

FRom Oz,

Taipei is now in first, followed by Quebec, then Gdynia. Winnipeg is in fourth. Winnipeg! God help us. What’s south of Baltic and Mediterranean?


Chicago didn’t make it…:cry: I guess this is a sign of things to come…

[quote=“Maoman”]Taipei is now in second place! We have eight more days to vote - you can vote again and again, so don’t just stop with one vote![/quote]Isn’t that cheating ? Why would they accept a poll that can be so easily rigged ?

If Taipei wins, is it possible to put Taipei in a trio with Beijing and Shanghai?

one vote per day…call it daily democracy…

and they would end up being the brown cities, right?

all headed by the country name China… and as that’s precisely where the games are made, there is no way that any other outcome would be allowed. China will NOT tolerate any map printed or sold anywhere in China that does not depict Taiwan as a province of the great mother.

HELLO to everyone ! - U have greetings from POLAND !
:rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:

I’m sure that’s a hotbed they really want to jump into.

hmm. should it be Taipei, Taiwan, ROC or Taiwan, or Province of Taiwan. I’m sure the good folks at Hasbro wish to avoid incidents.

The results are in!

Taking the Boardwalk… Montreal.

And Taipei is… Baltic Ave.

Most represented countries: Canada and China, each with 3 properties: Toronto, Vancouver, Monteal; Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong.

How did Riga score Park Place?

yay sydney. bumhugs melbourne… ahhh shucks.

how did canadia get three cities in there? wtf?

and gdynia over warsaw?

and no major russian cities, but Kiev makes it? double wtf?

london, sydney , new york. now that’s a choice grouping…

A benefit of long-term domination of “most livable city/country” indexes? :canada: