Vote for the Hong Kong Protestors - TIME Person of the Year

Hong Kong protestors leading 93%. Make sure you come out to vote to get the word out onto the front page of TIME Magazine’s big story of the year.

This is an election even you can vote for.


Unfortunately, terms and conditions apply. You needa subscribe to a mailing list and stuff.

At least glad to see the climate change protesters (?) didn’t get much upvote.

Okay, I think the Hong Kong protestors are great and all, but doesn’t anyone else miss the days when TIME’s ‘Person of the Year’ was an actual PERSON, and not a group, or movement, or worst of all, some invented technology?

I never really cared tbh

Well don’t you think that when it was a person it was that they embodied something that resonated with people?

The leaderless HK protesters do that for me.

I don’t know… I’m OCD about weird details like that. They should just retitle it to something more general, like “Idea of the Year” or “Thing of the Year”, but neither of those are snappy. Anyway, not a big deal

Trump can’t be Person of The Year every year. LOL.

Use a fake email?

How about “Influencer of the year”? Lol

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They demand a real email, sending confirmations and stuff. I gave my mail in the end, what’s the worst that can happen. Don’t think any of it is gonna change much in the grand scheme of things.

I meant like…make a free email from any email provider.
live right there right now

It seems to me the protests have undergone a stark divide - violent, would-be martyrs and the others. Personally, I must condemn the violence as it’s counter-productive and I don’t think the way to get support and some of it is just straight cruel (re: lighting that guy on fire). There’s the argument “fight fire with fire”, but I subscribe to MLK’s strategy vs Malcom X.

I’ll probably catch flak for this, but it’s only a personal opinion. It’s not my fight.

Thusly, my vote goes to BTS, because that’s just funny.


I guess if you are pushed to the edge…

You go out there and follow the rules. Vote and nothing changes. The whole system is set up to favour Beijing. You have no opportunities to effect anything but the policies affect you the most.


That cartoon is foolishly simplistic - are you saying the civil rights movement in the states was handled non-violently b/c the blacks weren’t against the wall? If anything they were succumb to even worse violence.

This reeks of “you made me!!”

Edit: not all aspects of the civil rights movement was non-violent - but the overall sentiment was to handle it with as minimal violence as possible. HK doesn’t seem like that to me. It’s just fight til the death for them now - and currently China is not obliging that but not sure how much longer this will last. Unfortunate to say the least.

To be honest, I’m not American and barely know much of US history. So No, I can’t say anything about the civil rights movement because I know little about it. I wasn’t talking about the US.

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It’d be a bigger slap on the face if they’d win the Nobel Peace Prize. TIME person of the year is pretty irrelevant.


I only bring it up because it seems relevant. An oppressive power stepping on basic human rights.

We’re not talking about the US, a country that, for all its faults at least has the power to self reflect and improve. China wants to control, censor, push, infiltrate. It can do no wrong and everyone who disagrees is an enemy.

EVERY. SINGLE. ELECTION. has had people voting for Pan Democrats. Following the rules doesn’t work.


I was merely bringing to light a successful protest that happened in recent times. If you are unwilling to learn from the past or others - then I dunno what more to tell you. Do you boo boo.