Vote for your favorite movie poster

The hubby forwarded this to me

Quite funny, have a look if you dig the local politics. :bravo: Under the title: Vote for the best Sichuan hot pot, you get a bunch of movie posters cooked up with a Taiwanese politics flavor!

You also get to vote for your favorite poster. Mine is by far the “Tiffany” one…
If your Chinese is up to the level (or ask the significant other), there is also a description of each movie!


Hmm…I wonder which party the laoban of this hot pot resty is gonna vote for? :wink:

In terms of graphics, I’ll have to agree that the Tiffany one is “scary good”. Hehe…

But if you take into account some of the movie titles and descriptions, there are better ones. Here’s a classic line from one of the descriptions:

So when do we get the KMT version? Surely there must be a
laoban willing to provide the public with a rebuttal.

So many choices… :laughing:

DPP - democracy
KMT - oligarchy -(read “WHITE TERROR”)