Vote on my students fate

I think @endy is pretty on point here.

Whatever you decide, requiring your student to either take a zero on the assignment or drop whatever she’s doing for a last minute, unscheduled make up strikes me as unreasonable and unfair.

Is class ranking important at your school? If not, I don’t totally see how a potential bump in her grade has a real negative impact on your other students.

Does your school have a system for electronic submissions you can use in the future?

Remembering when my friend and I got the same score that I worked hard on and he didn’t even hand in
To be fair it was year 5 IT but still

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What do you believe grades should reflect? What is the purpose of giving that grade?

In a Taiwanese school, there could be many different answers for those questions. But it should be the heart of any consideration of the question. The student is not at fault here. Asking her to produce past assignments is ridiculous unless it’s been stated up front that they have to keep every assignment for possible production at a later date. People just don’t do that, and I’ll bet the OP or many of those commenting couldn’t say they had all their school careers, either.

So if the grade is supposed to reflect current mastery or performance or progress (three different things, at times), that’s one approach. If the grading is used as a punitive construct to “keep students in line” or compel behavior, that’s another. Should a low grade from the beginning of a course affect the overall grade, if a student improves? Should a “mystery grade” that’s not one of the most recent affect the grade? (Of course, if the mystery grade doesn’t, then the earlier ones are also called into question as to their power to reflect where the student is at now.)

Spoiler: IMO grading has moved away ahead of the old “I’ll punish you with a zero” mindset. If you are thinking that way, you’re teaching a class, not teaching students.

I don’t like makeups and won’t generally do them unless forced by the school, (and then I won’t necessarily use the scores), but this is something of a special case because the scores I do have aren’t very comparable, so a poor basis for extrapolation.

Not sure what “it’s the least accountable (on your behalf)” means?

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Long, long time ago I issued a wrong test paper to a student and paid her (IIRC 100NT, or whatever the standard hourly student pay rate was said to be at the time) to re-take it.

That REALLY upset people on here and in the school administration. Still don’t understand why.

Not so appropriate here since it was a homework assignment, but I suppose its still an option.

Don’t pay the student money.
I think bonus credit is a much more appropriate compensation.

Also, for all those banging the “ hoorah give her 100” drums, keep in mind how that might appear to the other students in the class when she starts talking about it (which she will). Those that don’t know the full story, might misinterpret it as favoritism or something else.

How is the student at fault? Why punish her for your fault?
How old is she? Maybe ask her what she thinks she should get for the 2nd exam. Whatever you do, don’t fail her. That would be (probably) the unfairest of them all.

“Punishment” is not an objective here, or at least not punishment of the student.

The objective is the fairest, most likely to be accurate, and thus most defensible solution to the problem.

100% is not it, given that she has failing grades for most of her other written work.

The 77% is, I think, the best of the three original options I listed above, and the least trouble for all concerned.

However, a repeat submission of the missing assignment seems to have a chance of being more accurate. IF she did the assignment and paid any attention to the feedback, she has an opportunity to improve her score.

There is another borderline fail candidate and, when I submitted the original grades, (before my screwup emerged) the school asked me if she could do a makeup to possibly improve. I said no, since this made no sense to me, but if I’m doing a makeup for another candidate it starts to look more reasonable.

I’m just being nosey here, but how did you manage to give a student the wrong test paper?

Not much of a factor in my deliberations, but in the above scenario, an observer might feel the fact that she’s a bit of a babe to be relevent.

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I think you should just give them all 100s. Seems like the fair thing to do.

Do a search. Everything is archived forever on Forumosa.

(Oh wait, they broke it a while ago, didn’t they?)

IIRC a paper got into the wrong pile. Dunno exactly how but it doesn’t seem all that unlikely, does it?

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So I have my own, albeit not quite as bad, example of this.

About a month ago, writing students handed in essays. The following week I gave them all back, except one girl was absent. A couple weeks later she recovers from whatever ailment she has and wants her essay, but I can’t find it anywhere. I’m guessing I tossed it by accident the last time I cleaned my desk a week ago. Luckily, I had recorded all the essays scores into the grading system before I lost her paper (which is why I say it’s not as bad as OP’s situation). So I know her score, but she still understandably wants to see how it was graded. What do people recommend in this situation?

The truth , but explain why and show her your listing of all grades . Now if you want advice on how to get a prestige car , let me know :slightly_smiling_face:

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Think the prestige car thing would probably feature a different line of work, two-birds-with-one-stone stylee.

A blind whisky tasting might red-herring the brewing brouhaha. :thinking:

Long long time ago when I was painfully scraping a marginal pass of a PGCE in Glasgow, a staffer on one of my placements (or maybe a visiting assessor, can’t remember for sure now), told me “You are trying to teach students. What you have to do is teach the class”

Not sure I understood what they meant at the time, but maybe I’ve finally made it.

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Teacher trainers. Don’t get me started.

You observe one of these guys and it’s invariably dull as.

With the resubmissions the two borderline fails are now borderline passes, and everyone is happy.