Voter Fraud and the Justice Department

The Justice Department under Obama has been unwilling to continue to go after the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation as required under law and is covering up the politicization of its voting rights cases. Why am I not surprised? :laughing: :laughing: Any comments from Obama supporters on the lack of enforcement?

I’ve also heard that lawyers within justice don’t want to touch these cases. That taking them will be frowned upon by Obama’s Chicago crowd. You’re either with them or against them. And people criticize the Republicans as being homogenous? :smiley:

And what about Fernandes not wanting to prosecute any Section 8 violations. Dead people on voting lists is common in a lot of Democratic strongholds, but the optics of not enforcing it? Really bad.

I can’t wait until November. New statistics showing that unemployment rates will be above 8 percent though 2012. The Democrats punishing real wealth creators by not continuing the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. Not only that, but what about the benefits of stimulus? You would have expected with the 800 billion of spending there would have been some significant benefits? Unemployment rates still at nearly double digits (double digits in places such as Nevada) and the Dims still want more stimulus. :laughing: What a risky time for significant environmental/energy legislation as well. Don’t get me wrong, I do understand some of the innovation benefits. But I don’t trust the US to keep the administrative costs low. They certainly haven’t to date. … =googlewsj

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Plenty of substance mod! :laughing: On the other hand, not a very substantive reply from Vorkosigan. If he has some comments on why Obama’s Justice Department has chosen not to enforce and the increasing politicization of that department, I’d be interested in reading them. :laughing: Of course, personal insults aren’t what I’m looking for.

Just another phony scandal trumped up by Fox. Nothing to see here. Especially since it was the Bush admin that decided not to prosecute. … df#page=18

[quote]14 Moving to the matter at hand, the events
15 occurred on November 4th, 2008. The Department became
16 aware of these events on Election Day and decided to
17 conduct further inquiry.
18 After reviewing the matter, the Civil
19 Rights Division determined that the facts did not
20 constitute a prosecutable violation of the criminal
21 statutes. The Department did, however, file a civil
22 action on January 7th, 2009, seeking injunctive and
23 declaratory relief under 11(b) against four
24 defendants.[/quote]

MODS: If you wanted substance, why was Chewy’s original substance-free drivel posted? It’s just a regurgitation of faux scandalmongering by a Rethug political operative. No substance whatsoever.

Here’s a couple more stories about how crazy it all is. … corn0.html … ?src=busln
I think that New Black Panther party has about eight members. Oooooh, scary. I’m sooo intimidated.

Seems that a lot of long-term high-calibre justice folks are really dismayed about the increased politicization in the department in what was a clear violation of the law. If course, it was only Black Republicans that were victimized, so perhaps Obama’s appointment thinks they’re unworthy of protection.

It illuminates a Justice Department convinced that most Americans are not entitled to equal protection under the law and, accordingly, engaged in invidious enforcement discrimination. Nor is the allegedly “disgruntled” Adams alone in leveling this allegation. Other attorneys of sterling reputation, including Hans von Spakovsky, have come forward with affidavits that, if accurate, describe an outrage against the Constitution. At a minimum, the appearance of impropriety is so patent it cries out for investigation of the sort the Civil Rights Commission is mandated, by statute, to do[/quote] … thy?page=3

LOL. Thanks Dr McCoy. Chewycorns goes immediately for those Rethug political operatives:

“former Justice Department attorney Hans von Spakovsky”

It is easy to read between the lines to see another Rethug clod:

And did Chewy mention that von Spakovsky works at Heritage and is not exactly what anyone would call unbiased?

And how 'bout Bartle Bull. Lessee what the NYTimes did with that amazing skill called “reporting”.

“In addition, the star witness in the case against the NBPP, Bartle Bull, wasn’t exactly impartial. The white former Robert F. Kennedy aide, who called the incident “the most blatant form of voter intimidation I have encountered in my political campaigns in many states, even going back to the work I did in Mississippi in the 1960s,” had been an outspoken critic of Obama for some time.”

Yes, one guy with a club hauled away by police is like murdering civil rights workers, blowing up Churches, and assassinating black leaders. Because there’s nothing biased about that comment!

And how about that J Christian Adams? NYTimes, which does that thing called “research” and which can be found by a really neat technology called “Google” which is conveniently accessed on the “intertubes” says:

“The commission has met several times to examine the case, but things really blew open on July 6, when Bush Justice official J. Christian Adams, who is white, suggested that Justice’s voting division avoided bringing cases where defendants were black and plaintiffs were white. Adams’s testimony is questionable; there are doubts about whether he was actually present for the incidents he described, and he’s refused to offer details on key questions. Critics see other credibility problems for Adams: he was, for instance, hired when Bush’s Justice Department was systematically weakening the civil-rights division by forcing out career lawyers and replacing them with attorneys who had strong conservative credentials but little in the way of civil-rights experience.”

Chewber, that National Review “account” couldn’t be more slanted if every letter on the page was canted at a 45 degree angle… really, it’s beyond pathetic that you’re posting this crap here.


It always amazes me how nasty liberals will get with one another when they have disagreements. :laughing: Bartle Bull has top notch leftist credentials. Liberal civil rights attorney, MLK backer, RFK campaign manager, political advisor to Ted Kennedy etc. If anything, someone who experienced the civil rights movement in the South, where there were lots of Democratic Party racists, should be able to categorize similar racism and intimidation inflicted on Black Republicans by the New Black Panther Party. If anything, here is a man with considerable election experience. He’s served as a lawyer working with the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law in Mississippi. He worked with Charles Evers on behalf of African American civil right to vote. In 1968 he served as the campaign manager for Robert Kennedy’s bid for president. In 1976 he worked on behalf of Jimmy Carter’s bid for president. This is a man with an extensive history and experience in election matters. If he says laws were violated, I believe him and respect his judgement (alhough probably disagree with his liberal politics).

However, he doesn’t like Obama.

I didn’t like Obama from the beginning, I thought he was a hustler and I think he still is [/quote]

But that Obama and his attack dogs in the media are going after this old-school liberal Democrat only reiterates their radical agenda.

Bull is a perfect witness with no ax to grind on race matters. Let’s contrast that with Obama. Wasn’t Obama so busted :laughing: :laughing: supporting black supremacy theology with Reverend Wright for so many years?

Please stop Chewy. Really.

No one said he didn’t.

Basically, it is Obama’s fault that Bush decided not to prosecute the Black Panthers. Clinton probably helped. algore did too while he was inventing the Internet. And John Kerry from Cambodia. They were dressed like pimps you know.

New Black Panthers? Who the farg are they?
Can I join?

Bush officials decided not to pursue criminal charges, but did file a civil action on January 7th, 2009, seeking injunctive and declaratory relief under 11(b) against four defendants.

And if you bothered reading (time consuming I know), you would realize that the current debate is over the civil matter, not the criminal matter.

In other words, the section of the Voting Rights Act on intimidation, threats or coercion (42 USC § 1973i(b)) provides for civil relief (42 USC § 1973j(d)). The Bush DOJ rejected the criminal and instead got the ball rolling on civil sanctions.

Obama’s team have spiked the effort even after the defendant’s were in default and the court had invited a default judgment.

So let me get this straight Vorkosigan and Dr. McCoy, you are defending the Obama Administration for pulling the plug on a civil action against the baton-wielding, fatigue-wearing New Black Panthers because what was really warranted was, instead, a criminal prosecution?
:laughing: :laughing:

[quote=“Chewycorns”]So let me get this straight Vorkosigan and Dr. McCoy, you are defending the Obama Administration for pulling the plug on a civil action against the baton-wielding, fatigue-wearing New Black Panthers because what was really warranted was, instead, a criminal prosecution?
:laughing: :laughing:[/quote]
But they didn’t “pull the plug” on anything.

And there was a judgement obtained against that guy.

[quote]The Department, therefore, obtained an injunction against defendant King Samir Shabazz, prohibiting him from displaying a weapon within 100 feet of an open polling place on any Election Day in the City of Philadelphia or from otherwise violating Section 11(b).

The Department considers this injunction to be tailored appropriately to the scope of the violation and the constitutional requirements and will fully enforce the injunction’s terms.[/quote]
But he is black. Bush let the Minutemen get away with the same kind of stuff.

What’s wrong with wearing fatigues? Or wielding batons?

Whilst doing so in a threatening manner at a polling station? :roll:

Thanks, Dr. McCoy, for bringing sanity to this thread.