W. The new Oliver Stone moive about G.W. Bush *Spoiler Alert

Well, before he’s packed up, and left a mess of the country he’s got a movie out on him. We get to follow Bush Jr.'s rise to power(spoiler–he becomes the POTUS :laughing: ) but no fall. Wonder what redeeming qualities we’ll see in this character and conspiracies Stone tries “to spin as” he did in JFK.

Here’s a clip
Trailer The music at the end is a bit eerie :astonished:

They’re saying that George Bush Snr is Prince Philip? Woah…

The Chooky Embry is a bit less gaffe-prone than Bush, Shirley?

Does it have him snorting coke?
Does it have grandpa talking about trading with Nazis during WW2 etc etc?

Stone’s last film looked like he was on his way to losing his marbles, but this one shows he’s finally lost his marbles.

Apart from Neo-cons and idiots, who the hell wants to see a film about daddy’s boy?

There was this story about Ollie in the paper this morning. The movie opens next weekend in the States. I hope it makes it to Taiwan. I don’t like Stone’s movies that much but this one has piqued my curiosity.

And now this from Murdoch’s FUX* network.

[quote]Oliver Stone Feels Sorry for Bush

Yet another curve ball is coming into play for the 2008 presidential election.

Oliver Stone’s “W” premiered last night in New York, and it’s a surprisingly levelheaded conjuring of the life and times of George W. Bush.

It’s no coincidence that Lions Gate is releasing it now, with just three weeks left before the election. As Barack Obama has tried to tie John McCain to Bush, “W” positions the president in a mostly negative light.

But the real success of “W” is that our current president comes off as sympathetic more often than not. Stone and his screenwriter, Stanley Weiser, do much to portray him as tortured son with a domineering father, a gullible lightweight who becomes almost a pawn in the hands of more demonic players.[/quote]

Kiwi phonics.


Kiwi phonics.


And at times that’s what I think about him also

George Bush is great man. Like Hitler.

I wounder how much heat George would take from the American public. If he was an attractive,charming and charasmatic leader?

What a boring movie.

media.www.thecurrentonline.com/m … 6064.shtml

I liked this one, makes me want to go and see the movie.

Will it show in Taiwan, I can’t see info on anywhere.

Oliver Stone can get back to his cocaine, Acid and hookers without any worry now he has two back to back hits.

The man who made JFK has sold his soul making garbage like this.

Who made unlicensed use of the word HITLER in this thread?


Who made unlicensed use of the word HITLER in this thread?


What are you, some kind of Nazism Nazi?