Wack things in China

@the_bear is this he holocaust denier principal’s new gig? Getting a fresh start?


When the money taps run out.

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WeChat pay and Alipay negate this possibility.

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Why? Please expand on this.

The larger cities have gone cashless and the population only have access to their banking through electronic means. Seems elementary that if the people start to balk at their leadership, the leadership can force them to fold by shutting down access.

Or track them using their electronic payment system.

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So, Winnie the Poo is cracking down on Mahjiang. Hmm. I wonder if this will cause a revolt.

Purifying the social environment. Pfft. How about purifying the physical environment and the political environment, free speech, democracy, freedom!



a head start on objectification? or getting the kudalini flowing?

In China, there’s only one “higher power,”


Another great WSJ article. Now, China is requiring all new wireless telecom customers to submit to facial recognition scans. Hmmm…I wonder when they will require a DNA sample!

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I wonder when people are going to leave China!


Maybe turn the whole of China into a concentration camp, concentrate the whole country into a 100% compliant population.

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The People are happily going about their lives, buying the things they want, generally being taken care of. But as soon as families start to go hungry…


Just a matter of time.

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It’s not only about hunger and I don’t see people going hungry there . People also want some freedom and flexibility eventually, I’m a firm believer in that. What good money is money if you end up living like a cow.

Right now almost all the nationalists are behind the CCP as the CCP has cleverly positioned itself in that manner .

A lot of folks aren’t happy about the dictatorship but there’s just no space to express discontent .

I think you are assuming that the average Chinese citizen’s definition of freedom and flexibility is the same as yours. I don’t think they have a real good concept of freedom. Several generations of Chinese have now been raised in the same system, and believe they will be taken care of. That system is going to have to start breaking in a major way before people will demand something different.



It’s about growth. It doesn’t matter how rich a country is what matters is how fast its growing and China is slowing down. The only question is will they slow down as much as Taiwan or Japan. Either way, the average Chinese will start to lose faith once reality hits.

I think your assessment of Chinese people is insulting.

The situation there is not static. The Xi regime has tightened the screws, abandoned term limits, thrown political enemies into prison in the name of addressing “corruption,” and accelerated forms of social control through facial recognition and other technologies. I’ll leave aside the HK uprising and ethnic cleansing/cultural genocide in Xinjiang as these are being discussed in other threads. But to say that nobody is noticing the negative impact of these things in the PRC is just plain wrong.