Wack things in China

Not going to watch the video. I feel bad just imagining it.


It looks like he was practicing holding his breath. He raised his hand to start the time.

Why would they do that? Is there a serious lion shortage? I mean those mastiff dogs aren’t exactly common either.

The difference has to be seen to be believed.


Yet another stark reminder of how stupidly intolerant that regime is. Ways of life centuries older than the founding of the CCP are transformed, willy nilly, into a ludicrous Disneyfied version of northern Chinese architecture. This should be familiar to us in Taiwan given the similar top-down imposition of architectural styles across Taipei, including faux northern Chinese style gates, the Grand Hotel, and the apparently permanent fixture of Dictator Hall. All these stand as more reminders of how much the KMT and the CCP—despite superficially looking like enemies—actually share.


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Ccp is pretty much spun off the kmt.

And you even have some people supporting the park :crazy_face:


A very violent fan.


Cousins of Violent Femmes.

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Don’t know if it’s wack in China or Taiwan, but some boat managed to go up to fisherman’s wharf.

More crazy/criminal than wack.


I like the “China is one of the safest countries” quip.

Just ignore this public stabbing of foreigners. :joy:

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“and a Chinese tourist who tried to come to their rescue.”

In other countries that helper would be seen as a hero trying to do the right thing, while in China he probably will get a STFU order from the police and thrown in jail if he talks about it…. Wack…

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Perhaps it would be deemed a national security case: betraying the motherland for helping foreigners who were stabbed. C’mon man you should be grabbing a knife and helping us out!


Sad news, hope they can recover
Keep safe if on travel in China

[Four US college instructors stabbed in public park in China (bbc.com)]