Wack Things in Taiwan 2018



I looked at that picture and saw absolutely nothing wrong. Note to self: book plane ticket immediately.


It is too late. We have been assimilated. Resistance is futile.


I’ll actually be heading to North America for reprogramming sometime next month.


My condolences. Dont turn on the TV.


I am going home through the UK. 16k from here to Gatwick. I’d rather fly 35 hours than even step in that war zone.



May the 4th be with you.

Who would’ve thought you would see May the 4th celebrated in Taiwanese government? Whack?


I like how the bus stop is right next to the pole


Only to watch Netflix.


Heathrow? :grin:


Good heavens yes!


This would never happen in the UK. Wait…


OK let’s see how other countries handle poles…
The UK:

The US:
What about Nihon?
And Germany? No Germany! stop! That’s Not what I meant!


Hope they did not go through a Red light …bit harsh the Poland reference. :open_mouth:


Just look at this picture for a few seconds

For the ones who have been on this island, we know … what it takes for local people to take action

Now, I suggest at least one minute of silence to remember all the people who had died on this very pole

50 seconds is ok too… Chabuduo


Jaywalker illegally crossing a red light hit by scooter driver who had the green light, but is still financially responsible for killing the jaywalker who was 100% at fault for his own death. Taiwan is whack!


^According to the court, the jaywalker was more like 60% at fault.


A illegally jaywalked, was hit by B,who was just riding legally on his way

Taiwan Law says B, who did not break any Law is 60% responsible ( or 40%?) for compensation to the Family of A

Wealthy Family of A buy very expensive Land and Funeral…because A was an "important, " person.
B, who earns 29,000NT a Month and has a family, is expected to pay 60% of these inflated Funeral expenses , after, also , being sentenced to 6 Months in Jail .
What could be wrong with the Justice system ? Taiwan Lawmakers you are either Asses, corrupt ,or have a brain the size of a Pea.
Sincerely hope that the World press notices this Injustice.


Meanwhile still waiting on the ruling of the drunk driver who killed a young talented baker, or the drunk driver who ran over a family on the sidewalk and killed the father, or the drunk driver…

Oh wait in those cases it was the accussed, not the victim, who had money. My bad.


Random people randomly running

I just don’t get it. I see them everywhere today. See someone walking on the street and then they run for like ten steps and then they walk or stop and with no apparent reason or urgency for anything.

At the sushi restaurant for dinner the employees randomly run from one end of the place to the other but they don’t do anything when they get to the other end of the restaurant they just stand there.

I don’t recall ever being in a city where I just notice people randomly running a few steps for no reason.


I call it the “cute run”.