Wack Things in Taiwan 2018



Friggin people fishing at the local park. Yes, there are signs for no fishing. But that is not all. I mean, usually the perpetrators are families. At least pop and kid, though I have seen mom and kid duo too. Moreover, they bring huge professional style fishing rods, but their bait is white bread. 7 -11 toast style bread. They are soon surrounded by doves and rats, which makes the whole scene more ludicrous. Anyways, today I actually saw one guy, an HTC employee, with a fish in a bag, and I am not lying, it was a goldfish. There must have been some kind of competition as a few steps ahead there was this guy carrying a glass fish bowl and handing a small fish net, like the ones you use to clean fish bowls, to his kid. Which leads me to the last point: aside from the bad example, what a crappy afternoon activity for your kids to go to a neighborhood park to fish?!


It’s whack that information about events and activities in Taiwan doesn’t get out to the public.

I read the newspapers and watch TV and check events nearly every day and still big things happen that I don’t know about until see them after in the news.

This weekend it was the Taipei 101 run, the Xindian Dragon Boat races for 4 days, and the Europe Fair.


That stuff was all over the place.
Unless you’re conflating “public” with “non-Chinese speakers”, which is a bit of a stretch…


The court froze the compensation at NT$750k and told the family to go pound sand.
Could have been a lot worse.


Perception is a reality for some


That actually is the case here too in Calif, one can be in trouble with the law for not giving way to a pedestrian even if the pedestrian is in the wrong


Wearing a mask to protect lungs, pulling it down to smoke.


I often see a variation on this situation: someone riding a smoke-emitting scooter carefully wearing a mask to try to avoid inhaling Taipei’s dirty air.

Please connect the dots, people!!!



News here are weird. Segment dedicated to cat who used the ancestral shrine as his litter box…with closeups of his diarrhea stools in the incense burner. Closing shot showed him drinking water off a very green fish bowl. No wonder he was sick.


Well, the news here will announce an event 6 months before hand… tehn forget al about it until afterwards, maybe.

Really weird.


For some, the mask is a fashion item.

Also used to cover up the face when one has no put on any make up.

Nonetheless, if said mask is being used for it’s actual purpose…dat is whack.


I always thought the purpose of wearing those masks was to help prevent the spread of whatever ails you, or catching something, by stopping you from touching your nose and mouth. No one wears those to protect from pollution do they?


A lot of locals wear them specifically when they ride their scooters.


Your truly does too.

It does make a difference when stopped at lights. I’ve forgotten mine at home a few times on short rides and I regretted it.


Masks are good for ladies who like to get to work without a thin layer of dirt over makeup.


They advertise PM2.5 masks, so I guess they must be helpful.

Sent a bunch to my family, thought they would be useful for volcanic ash.


Thinking this is cute or pretty or attractive.



Oooh, looks painful.


Why do so many coffee shops not open until 11am?!?!?!? Whack! I’m up at 6am and want coffee! Damn small towns.


Most places have hot water or at least a way to heat water. I always buy coffee mix and paper cups when staying at a cheap b&b. I need to start my day with coffee too, even if it’s the cheap stuff.