Wack Things in Taiwan 2018



Saw this yesterday night — can’t stop laughing
she said: ‘’“These are before and after images since running for public office.”’’


link: https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/3423984


Isn’t there a convenience store every few kilometers?


Fixed it for ya


Fixed your fix for ya


That’s what I ended up doing. So weak, jus de chaussette


No no no. Life is too short for bad coffee. We have great quality Honduran, Salvadorean, Guatemalan and Nicaraguan sold in ready to brew hook up on your cup freshly grind real coffee. At affordable prices, each pack 30 maybe 50 NTD. Never go out without them.


I prefer my Nescafé granules … yum :yum:. 250 nt for 40 cups :smirk:. That is almost 2 days supply :slightly_smiling_face:7/11 seems the best of the rest, am I just getting old ? No need to answer that .


I am not sure about “old” but it does seem that your taste buds have somehow been severely damaged. Take care of yourself, man!



Coffee is one thing that is not whack here. Taiwan has great coffee. I agree about the opening times being whack. I like Cama coffee - better than Starbucks and half the price probably because they have a really small space that isn’t suitable for meetings. The one near my office is open at 7:30 am.


Taiwan is a coffee lovers paradise.


I believe Taiwan is a filtered coffee lover’s paradise, not so much for expresso lovers.


Espresso lovers, on the other hand…

When every convenience store can pull a perfectly serviceable latte or cappy at a reasonable price, that’s a pretty good situation.
PLUS, unlike the old days, even frigging PX Mart has 4 or 5 different brands of decent whole beans, one can’t complain.


My Australian customer was here last week and he said that Starbucks is failing in Australia because nobody there really drinks filtered coffee.

True lovers probably call it espresso. :wink:

Edit: Furball beat me to it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I swear it was a typo, s and x are next to each other. @ranlee can verify!


I saw someone drinking an espresso at The Aroma. You’re right, not as many choices for espresso drinkers.


Yup, Melbourne branches closed down ages ago, prob only 2 or 3 left servicing the Asian students.



The f is an expresso?

Drinking bike parts now?

Get a new keyboard.




Watch it, humie, how’d you like a big fat case of the Rabies???