Wack Things in Taiwan 2018



Costco does. Luv Costco.

I think maybe Sogo or other upscale shopping establishment also does.

My favorite Vietnamese restaurant goes the extra mile and also has an automatic soap dispenser. No waste, no hassle, no germs.


Sheesh, of course street food is dirty.

Canal food is where it’s at! :slight_smile: :coffee: :ice_skate:


Name and location, please! :grinning:


Behind SOGO Fuxing? Gimme time to finish my coffee…

No. 43號, Lane 190, Section 1, Dunhua South Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106

Pho Hoa 美越牛肉河粉

This is te eplace I told you guys there was a fire upstairs and people simply would not leave, they were busy with their noses in their broth. Disclaimer: haven’t been there in a while.


I used to go there because it was good. Then it looked like they shut down or something for a while and reopened. I’m not even sure if it’s the same owners or same quality and have not been back.


My friend sometimes gets leg pains and claims the only thing that makes her better is drinking orange juice from this one stall in the morning Street Market.

They’re like 5 places making orange juice all next to each other using the same oranges but this particular stall in all of Taipei is the only one that makes it feel better.


Maybe they put some ‘ice’ crystals in theirs?


There are several papaya milk stands in Jinmei night market. One adds condensed milk to its mix. Yep, it stands out.


Just this morning on the bus, let’s crank the aircon up … or … down? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::crazy_face:


Empty theater, movie starts, one girl in glasses madly running around from one side of theater to other trying to find exact seat.


Light blue Gogoro with a sticker of a Canadian flag spotted this morning in New Taipei City.


There is always someoen sitting where they shouldn’t. Sometimes people let them be. Sometimes…big fight erupts.


People running for no apparent reason. A lot of it seems to be a subconscious action.

  • Employees in offices running 5 or 10 steps.

  • Staff at restaurants running when there’s nothing happening to make them be busy.

  • People walking down the street and they’ll run for about 10 steps and then walk and then run for 10 steps but with no apparent reason.


Which is ironic since they’re so damn slow when ringing up your items at a store. The clerks here take foreverrrrrr, especially in clothing stores I’ve noticed. But then get in a taxi, and the driver acts like he’s in the film ‘Speed’ and he’ll blow up if he doesn’t get you to your destination in under 5 minutes.


I’ve noticed the running thing, too. It’s almost like they are trying to create a feeling of urgency. It’s funny to me. Sometimes, I’ll copy it in the office. haha.

How about at a restaurant when a mom or dad sits down with the kids and says “快吃” instead of “How’s your food?” or “How was your day?” Kids are pushed a lot here.


Right. The quality service they are trying to create depends on quality not urgency.


Women gets on the bus this morning, lugging a heavy huge plastic bag to the back of the bus, empty seats in front, one stop later she lugs her bag back to the front and gets off. :crazy_face:


At our road there are maybe ten side alleys you can drive around to get back on the road, no, Mr. Ahuang decides that traffic on both lanes of the road need to stop so he can make a 180 degree turn. :roll_eyes::crazy_face:


This is a big whack thing in Taiwan. Drivers need to do an emergency 5 point turn exactly where they think about it instead of driving 10 more seconds to a sensible spot or around the block.

I guess it partially comes from the scooter mentality of being able to go any direction anytime you feel like it.


Thanks for bringing this one to my attention. I often find myself with this expression on my face.