Wack Things in Taiwan 2018


Often smiling with one eye wide open. Interesting :crazy_face::face_with_monocle:



It happens when I see whack things in Taiwan, as per thread title. :crazy_face:


You can’t just sit in the old people seats even if you are old. I wish the old people would sit in those seats so that I can have a seat in the back. Same for MRT. Old people - Please use the old people seats and leave more regular seats for us.


Watched his friends walk away. Checked his health, also walked away.


On the bright side, he’s less likely to be rolled than in most major cities around the world. Do that in a lot of places and you’ll wake up with no shoes.


That’s why I just left him there. I know he was as safe there as home in bed.


whack or not whack.


Eh hypothermia? Exposure? Rat bites?

It is safe but not healthy. What can one do in those cases? Call the cops? Ambulance?


Some restaurants where you have to walk trough the kitchen to get to the WC!


Fixed that for ya.


Need more info… for research purposes.


And then you realize you never want to eat there again.




Clerks and also customers. Sometimes I go to McDonalds to grab something quick, but it takes awhile since customers take their time ordering and then substituting half the meal for other stuff.


Taking your sweet ass time isn’t exclusive to Taiwan, but what I don’t understand is, the “smaller” sized full menus that causes lots of the wasted time ordering when you get to the register.

Why not show the entire menu with the special deals up on the boards so everyone can see and decide as they wait in line?


Taiwanese people always like to point out that Foreigners like to drink alcohol.


Gotta get your daily exercise somehow. People are busy!



Two police officers dressed as the Big-Head Buddha, left, and the God of Fortune pose during a robbery drill at a bank in Taipei’s East District yesterday.
Jan 25, 2018
Photo copied by Yao Yue-hung, Taipei Times

:raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :astonished: :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


I’m on a roll today…

Parents also called for removing a sentence in Han Lin Publishing’s health and physical education textbook for eighth-grade students that says sexual needs should be satisfied on condition of mutual respect, mutual consent and without hurting others.

“The sentence is inappropriate because the legal age for sexual intercourse is 16,” Wang said.

They’re also below the legal age for voting and stuff in general, so I suppose they shouldn’t be allowed to watch or read the news. :whistle:


This sign is whack. It should say don’t drink and DRIVE. The Chinese is ok 喝酒開(騎)車