Wack Things in Taiwan 2018



Or maybe it should say, don’t drink and ride and puke on the bus or the MRT. My hubby tried to hand a pack of tissues to a puker on the MRT but she was too far gone.


It’s OK when they mean a scooter. Ride a scooter.


There is this guy that runs this dilapidated mom&pop store in the neighborhood, cleans his fish and veggies squatting down on the sidewalk, washes his dishes squatting down on the side walk, cuts and washes his meat squatting, he friggin’ owns two houses!


I know squatting is healthy, but didn’t know I could get two houses from it.


On the way to Da’an station this morning, I saw an old guy peeing on a wall in the neighborhood. He got back into his blue truck. That’s not nearly as whack as the old lady that I saw from my balcony when I lived in Beitou squatting in the bushes. She had her scooter helmet on. Even more whack is that nobody says anything like it is normal for people to pee on the street. I bet if anyone said anything, they’d be blamed for shaming Taiwan.


Check Apple Daily later, someone must have got that on vid and have sent it to them. A 30 second vid will then become a 3 minute segment. You just wait and see.

Now that’s whack.


Probably a different offender? I didn’t take a video and I’m not sure if he can pee that long for someone else to take a video.


CCTV alley cameras. Big Brother is watching us all.


My problem with the poster is that while it’s telling you not to drink and “ride,” the imagery seems to be romanticizing drinking. An appletini with a diamond ring in it? Yum!


Thats a rip on some movie poster but i can’t remember which one


The person on MRT that pushes their way to the door as the train comes to a stop, then when the doors open everyone around them gets off too. I find that amusing.


True, but on the other hand, I’ve been that guy who doesn’t push to the door because he assumes others will get off and clear a way - but no one does, so I get to be a jerk and push through at the last second.


But at least you have a reason to be a jerk if you wait until the doors open. People understand you. If you push people before the doors open, and they all get off too, then you feel like a selfish jerk.


If you’re too cheap to install a proper kitchen.


And than there are others that still wear their backpack and block it even more.


Yes, and it applies to all drinks even water, when drive and drink at the same time you are not in control of any vehicle.
When it comes to alcoholic beverages it should say ‘don’t drive after drinking’


Especially after drinking a lot of water. What if there are no rest stops? Where would you pee?!


Studies have shown that having to pee really bad is equivalent to the effects of three alcoholic drinks. :sunglasses:


Or a caffeinated beverage!


Phone chargers in the toilet in Taipei. That could make for some Extended Stays and long waiting lines.

Who knows where the hands on those charger cords have been? Shit germs.