Wack Things in Taiwan 2018


This may help explain what I see in men’s washrooms: guys standing FOREVER at a urinal with both hands on a video device while watching some drama or other bullsh*t. Something here is seriously wrong…


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People stopping in the middle of stairs, halting everything, at MRT stations to look at their ‘smart phone’!


I’ve seen people watch dramas on their phone while walking!


… into poles, other people …


Without exception, I see this on the streets of Taipei every day. I guess this is what happens when you combine a culture that loves multitasking with a culture that does not call out dumb@ss behavior. Taiwan Up!


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Very common


Man holding his toddler daughter over a sewer grate so she could poop. I’ve seen this stuff in China, did not expect to see people shitting in the streets at noon in Taiwan. Whack.





You must be deeeeeeeep in the countryside to see something like that.


What other options were available?


Only once have I seen someone in Taipei let their young son relieve himself into a grate, and they might not even have been locals. If you head out to the sticks though, that sort of sight is a bit more common. Saw some old man stand in his front yard and piss out of one pant leg out in the mountains of Hsinchu just the other week.


Oh man, when I was younger I used to run first thing in the morning. If you eat a healthy diet and are a healthy adult, that can be a bad idea. For me it was occasionally a bad idea even if I’d done some business before leaving.

Fortunately I lived in a small town at the time. Made it a point to take a route that headed out of town and back.

Sometimes there are suddenly two options, and darkness (and isolation) are your friends.


Sanchong district, new Taipei city. So… Not in the countryside, and there were definitely other options available. Seriously did not expect this in the city… Just go to one of the 10 Louisas nearby!!

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The thing is, when toddlers go - they go.

The guy may have no manners, or he may have been deliberately trying to provoke people. My money would be on his kid just starting to shite itself.


McDonald’s. 711. Most Starbucks. Most parks. Public parking lots.


The food joints in this small town stay open considerably later than the ones in downtown Hsinchu


You sure they weren’t tourists?


I’d regale you all about the time I shat myself in an elevator, but it would probably be too much information.

Come on, a toddler had to take a crap.

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What’s the deal with these places? I see they popping up all over Taichung and they are becoming as abundant as 7/11s in some areas. All this rapid growth has to be a good thing tho right?