Wack Things in Taiwan 2018


I mean, I didn’t go up to him and ask “hey, where are you from?” But they were Han. So maybe.
Regardless, it was pretty gross, but mostly just unexpected. Whack


It’s an okay spot to get a quick Taiwanese style “sandwich” and a coffee. Free wifi in most of the ones I’ve been to, as well, so not too bad of a place to hang out for a while. Kind of sort of barely like a budget Starbucks?


Eh yeah emergency is emergency but options were available. As someone with a delicate bladder, I know emergency. But kids must be protected. Crapping on the sidewalk is not safe.

Heck you should see the comments and stuff I have to hear when Bobby craps on the sidewalk. Doesn’t matter if curb or middle of the street. Anywhere in public is problematic.


There are a lot of complaints from Taiwanese about how Mainlanders let their kids “go” anywhere, like even on the airport floors.

One of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen was when I was living in China and I saw a mother suddenly put down her toddler, pull down his pants, and “aim” him at a garbage can.

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You should see some of the liveleak videos I’ve seen from China…

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is it peeing, poohing, or something else?
link? lol


“My name is Trevor Noah, and I approve of this strategy!”


He’s talking about the .webm videos


The Chinese actually had the right idea with kids pants with a straight opening.


Seen that too. Pretty rough.


Plenty of stupidity and disregard for human life, especially on the road. as well as some comical public crapping


I’d do the same about the time I did exactly that on a petrol station’s parking in France.

Eons ago I saw a little girl poop at the 2/28 park’s walkway, after she did she looked at it and started crying. Somewhere I must have a picture of it on old school slides.

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What is dis?


OK, I’m in a coffee shop with tables close to each others. Customers are blasting sound (no headsets used) from their handheld devices. I need help from forumosans here. Is this behaviour:

a) whack
b) perfectly fine
c) obnoxious
d) all of the above
e) none of the above

Please help! : (



My answer : depends on the coffee shop


In general I am of the opinion that anyone listening to or watching something on their handheld without a headset deserves to have their device slapped to the floor.


show us your leadership skills. videotape a live example for us followers. :slight_smile:

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And the apology to Taiwan afterwards


…post ensuing media backlash.


Better and cheaper than Starbucks, so of course it was going to work!