Wack Things in Taiwan 2018


For the shareholders it is. For the franchisees it’s another thing, who wants the same store competitor around the corner?


Noticed some of the “competitors” are much less professional, and sometimes the coffee tastes different too, where I live there were these young people who let a big dog in playing around, never went back again. It’s one thing to open a franchise but another to act professional and care for the customer.


Don’t franchisees usually control a specific area? I don’t know how it works in Taiwan, but that’s been my experience. How most franchises seem to work in Taiwan is that one business has control of the whole of Taiwan, but maybe smaller companies work differently. I remember in the Philippines that even market vendor kiosks were franchised. That wouldn’t be a bad idea for here.


The woman beside me on a flight (Chinese-speaking young woman, flight from Shanghai to Taipei) yesterday was playing a cell phone game with the sound on. Beep bop cling ka-chong. Fortunately she only did this for the first ten minutes and the last five minutes. I wasn’t sure how to handle it, but I’m sure glad she stopped - I had a few seconds of thinking, “Oh, this is how air rage happens, isn’t it?”

It’s certainly becoming common here - I hear videos or games on most MRT rides now. I don’t know what the situation is in other countries.


Very common, sadly.


Saw someone walking the dog, saw this when closer. Urine destroys aluminum wheels.


Man, I sure hate that game!


Yeah, but it’s not as bad as chucka-chucka-chucka-chucka-chucka ping!!


Well, my initial version of the sounds could have been construed as racist, so at least I revised that out before posting.


Here’s how you handle this. You gently talk to a flight attendant, asking if it’s possible for them to ask your neighbour to wear head sets. The flight attendant will then briskly tell the offending passenger to be quiet. Then, near the end of the flight, ask for a comment card, and commend the flight attendant for excellent service. It’s worked every time so far. : D



There is one Louisa in Daan Taipei like this. The dog plays freely, I guess it is the owners. Quiet unpleasant. If I want to drink and work with animals around I would go to the lovely pet/cat coffee shops around.


That’s called the ‘master’ franchisee. They put down a load of money to get it and can decide who can have a franchise in their controlled area.

If the company is local they can have stores controlled by themselves or give franchises.


Don’t need to put down anything, but a brand will take a good hard look at you to see if you are serious enough, capable enough and knowledgeable enough with enough resources.


Need to put down a lot, some ‘master’ franchises can cost up to 3 million $US.


I guess it depends on the brand. I’ve been part of talks for half a dozen brands coming to Taiwan, non of which require a penny to acquire rights. But in the cases I am talking about the company was already a serious “player”, already representing a dozen or so brands, in the same field, with a staff of hundreds and tons of capital. It’s also expected any new brand will operate on a loss for years before making profit. Generally speaking anyway.


Riding a motorcycle and smoking all while riding in a busy road.


The insane quantity of property advertisements and other useless junk I get shoved in my mailbox. You might as well just throw trash in my house.


I do that on a bicycle. Is that wack?


Yeah, I’m having trouble getting the “Whack” on this one, TBH


Too busy huffing a fag, and someone runs a red