Wack Things in Taiwan 2018



That should be illegal.


Because dictionaries.


Compares to Louisa it’s decent. Compares to other stuff yeah it’s pretty bad.


God no , Starbucks food is made in a factory in Xindian. It’s never fresh and never good!

You should take advantage of your sojourn in the UK to eat at the local teashops and bakeries and learn what fresh food made from real ingredients tastes like :slight_smile:


Pret-A-Manger is even worse than Starbucks and I’ve had cake from a real bakery. It was really bad.


Pret-A-Manger is horrible. I don’t know how they still run business


Pret a manger is not a real bakery.


Well I’ll try some real ones some other time. So far (food in general) I like Nando’s … and that’s about it.


I must admit I’ve never had the food at Louisa. Their coffee is generally pretty decent, but quality seems to vary a lot from location to location.


I’ll second that, at one point it was even owned by McDonalds.


I had a pretty good sausage biscuit there.


Taiwanese style sausage?


No, a Western-style patty.


They are rum-raisin brownies without the rum!


Like McDonald’s?


Yes. Only complaint was the cheese liquid they used. I might ask them to cut down on that next time


Ha ha. That’s a pass for me. I think I’ll stick to the coffee.


Cheesy liquid? Off-white tint?


You beat me to it


Stopped at a light at the Yonghe/Zhonghe border yesterday morning. One of the electoral candidates was going down the opposite side on the back of a truck with his full retinue. As he’s waving to everyone he catches my eye, gives a big smile, and actually throws me a shaka, which I thought was pretty cool. I happily responded in kind.
After I got home last night, I was telling my kid about it.
She looks at me for a minute and goes “What number is he?”