Wack Things in Taiwan 2018



Also works for various other orifices. :sunglasses:


Man on the street today, you are far from the handsomest foreigner I’ve seen in Taiwan and I’m being generous. Also, a bit goofy looking. But you have the one of the prettiest girlfriends I’ve seen in Taiwan


Poop hole scratcher?


What did you say ? :grin:


Scooter exhaust adds a special something.


Uh-oh, busted. Just don’t tell my wife!


On the other hand, I saw two of you today whose partners were far from the prettiest.


Some of the ugliest women I’ve ever seen in Taiwan were on the arms of foreign men.


I don’t like tattoos much


Some of the Most beautiful too. Remember one black dudes girl…Absolute stunner!

My wife is pretty hot too.:grinning:


On the arm is OK…just as long as it’s not a tramp stamp.


Speaking from experience, my first girlfriend when I moved to Asia I thought was most beautiful. Looking back now I realize, hmmm, how to say it, not so much.


When I introduced my soon to be wife to a workmate…‘how come you always have a pretty gf’.

I tend to think it’s an old wives tale that foreigners go for the ugly ones.


Just bear in mind what they look like back home these days.


Based on anecdotal evidence, I’d say there’s some truth to it.


I guess you first had a good look at her mother? And then took a peek in the morning when she woke up without make-up?


This attempt to normalize and even beautify morbid obesity is just so bizarre. Not surprised that BBC would provide a platform for it though.


Not a fan of Gavin McInnes, but I think he puts it quite succinctly:

“You are not ‘plus size’. You are dying”.

The horrific part is that people have actually taken the “body positivity” thing on board. Every time I go back to the UK, I see a larger fraction of the population getting larger.

So yeah. There’s a lot to be said for normal-sized Taiwanese women, IMO. Even if your wife/gf isn’t model material, at least she’s not dying.


The fact that they’re taking years or even decades off their lives doesn’t seem to enter the discussion.


I spent a month here in 2004, it was my first somewhat extended time outside of the States. When I returned, the first thing I noticed when getting off the plane was the size of everyone! It was really noticeable that ‘Muricans were/are livin’ LARGE.