Wack Things in Taiwan 2018



It’s clearly possible to be fat and considered sexually attractive, but it’s less likely. Some people are attracted to others because of their size, which is perfectly fine.

However, it’s more likely that other factors come into play. An obvious example would be Melania and Donald Trump.



It was all guys talking about what they find attractive
I assume most women and gays don’t find morbidly obese guys attractive, either


It’s not fair to conflate fatness with laziness or slovenliness. Some people are just big, no matter how much they work out or diet.

Attraction is a whole other can of worms.


Maybe not, but it’s a major health risk, and shouldn’t be normalized or celebrated.


In the end, it’s either out of a fat person’s control that they’re fat, or it’s their choice. Neither of those things are our business.

Too many people use the “but I’m concerned for your health” thing as an excuse. Don’t pretend to care about their health. Just admit you don’t like how fatness looks.


And if obesity is normalized, people are more likely to make that choice.

I care about their health because I live in a place that has socialized medicine, and I don’t want to pay for their bad life choices. As for aesthetics, I like plump women…but over a certain weight you’re just killing yourself.


I’m just talking about fatness here. I really don’t think obesity will ever be normalized.

I think we can all agree that obesity is often the result of shitty parenting and/or a disordered relationship with eating. A lot more complicated than just big girls wanting to feel pretty.


There appears to be a major push to do that right now. Whether it succeeds or not remains to be seen.


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yes. you just did it again.


The now common usage of the Chinese expression Mao Xiao Hai (毛小孩), meaning “hairy kids” and of course meaning furry friends, a.k.a. pests… ehh pets, makes me realize that we live in a strange world, where people push around dogs in strollers. :doh:

This is of course not a Taiwan wack thing per se.


I find it more wack that a man is pushing a pink stroller. I think of those dogs as companions for lonely ladies.


Why so afraid of pink? Your avatar is pink. Dogs can be companions for any gender. :2cents:


Aren’t colors supposed to be non-binary these days?


What about cats?


I think 毛小孩 was actually coined from the English term “furbaby.”

We’ve been over this before! Don’t you guys remember the purse dog thread?


It’s always joked about that cats are favored by gay men and women of any sexual orientation.

I personally think people who like cats enjoy the torture of being ignored and feeling mostly unloved. Unless they are one of those lucky people who happen to own a snuggly cat.


I would say no, not a whack thing when you use it to get on public transport, otherwise a dog has four legs to walk on.


So, white men.