Wack Things in Taiwan 2018



I mean it just looks like the guy is pushing his wife or gf’s dog, and if she has a man who does her chores for her, is she lonely enough to need a hairy kid? I’m sure it’s entirely possible a Taiwanese man in a suit would choose to push around a little dog in a pink stroller unbidden, but it seems less likely.


Hence the tendency for women and gay men to love cats. They often find themselves loving people who don’t always (or can’t) love them back. It almost makes too much sense…


Or maybe cat people just prefer a pet that loves them on their own terms and isn’t fawning and needy.




Because the stroller is pink or because the dog is a small breed? Why couldn’t it be ‘their’ dog?

This one is just…wow. You don’t help your wife out with anything, do you? And why do only lonely people get to have pets?

How do you know he’s Taiwanese and how can you tell it’s a suit? Maybe he’s just nicely dressed or on a lunch break taking his little buddy out for some fresh air.


Pretty sure there’s a proven correlation between cat ownership and mental illness.


Kind of like the correlation between dog ownership and low self-esteem.


Or between atheism and pedophilia


I thought it was Catholicism…I’ll have to google that.


Voting for the dems could be considered mental illness.


Toxoplasma gondii . The definitive host of this infection is the cat. In order to reproduce the parasite produces an oocyte which is released in the cat’s feces.

Carriers tend to show [long-term personality changes] that are small but statistically significant. Women tend to be more intelligent, affectionate, social and more likely to stick to rules. Men on the other hand tend to be less intelligent, but are more loyal, frugal and mild-tempered and vote for the liberals. The one trait that carriers of both genders share is a higher level of neuroticism – they are more prone to guilt, self-doubt and insecurity.


Hmm…sounds like something a cat person would say…


I’m a bird cow…



Nice tree and apparently a good place to throw trash.


Used to crush on her


Boy, I’ll bet she’s pretty busted up about that…


She has been eating rice and butter for years , no effect .


She’s been eating too much white rice since getting rich and famous.

EDIT: I didn’t see that you also made a rice joke @shiadoa


愛上 or 上?


Maybe all that free TWB she got for doing their ads…