Wack Things in Taiwan 2018



Pierce isn’t down with the skinny asian girls. He likes a little meat.

for England James?





Why haven’t you joined that group yet @tango42? It looks like a good time!


She wasn’t even good-looking back when she was thin…


I hate this very much


I don’t think that’s cool, man, even with the name scratched out…


I don’t know, he looks like he may enjoy the exposure…


Hehe :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Maybe we should censor the boobs. At least the nipples.


It’s a public post on Facebook anyone can see it.


Please note the carrier of such toxoplasmosis is the rat. You are more likely to get toxoplasmosis from contaminated meat than from a cat. Sigh.


rat meat? I thought cats give it to rats?

Doesn’t toxoplasmosis make rats sexually attracted to cat piss?


Just so we’re straight, CLEAN rat meat is still ok, right?


You charmer, you.



Wack things in the animal kingdom…nasty.


Rats get everywhere, and their pee/poop contaminates meat in abbatoirs.

If you want to get toxoplasmosis from a cat, you need a sick cat, one that has been very recently infected with the toxoplasmodium -and for that he neds to be weak. Then you need to clean his litterbox, not wash your hands and then eat something. Then maybe, maybe you’ll catch it from a cat.

To catch it from meat, you only need meat that has not been handled or cooked properly.

In teh cat scenario, you have to be quick as the toxoplasmosis will not live long in the cat’s body


Those two things together. That was my assumption, but it certainly could be their dog.

I do help my wife do things. I don’t assume only lonely people have pets, but I do assume that people who put quadrupedal mammals on wheels are trying to fill some void in their life.

I mean…are you just arguing for the sake of arguing? As I said, I assume that, when I see a dog stroller, it’s owned by a lonely lady. I’ve seen those who are probably not, but that is what I assume when I see it. If I’ve touched a nerve about you, your dog, the dog of someone you know, or your fondness for pink, I apologize. They are all fine.

Edit: Upon forensic evaluation of the picture, I see what appears to be a purse hanging on the person’s wrist, so maybe it’s not a man. But I stand by my original statement that I would be surprised to see a man pushing a dainty doggy in a pink stroller. There’s nothing wrong with any man doing so for any reason, but it is unexpected. Even if he’s carrying a purse.


Lesson learned? Stay away from cats!:astonished:


Fawning and needy may be going a bit too far. I think they’re just concerned for our well-being.