Wack Things in Taiwan 2018





Once when I stopped behind an ayi at a red light (her on her scooter me on my bike) she, apparently unaware of my presence, got up off the seat an nonchalantly let a massive one rip


More and more young idiots get these souped-up noisy cars!


Another WHACK thing this morning.

Took a shortcut through park on way to work, strimmer crew are taking a break. Each individual was sat about one foot from each other and all glued to their mobiles. Nobody talking or looking at each other. Actually it’s more sad than whack.

Same shit with Pokemon zombie hordes.


It’s like last night, going down the escaltor on the MRT station, woman in front of me glued to her ‘smart’ phone, arriving at the platform she just stops, stays there and cues up everyone behind her.


Had that happen a couple of times. I generally just shove them aside before they cause a major accident.


When that happens, I just put my hand on their back and push them forward, without slowing down.


That’s what I did and she looked like dumbfounded, I #@!$%#@ her.


Oh my. That sounds rather unwarranted. Moving them aside is usually good enough …


Did you whack them on the head and tell them how wack you think it is?


Yep it’s WHACKY…


“Resolution of a dispute between the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) and the Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) over ownership of a plot of land on Taipei’s Keelung Road would revitalize the property and improve the cityscape …”

“The party failed to transfer ownership of the plot, worth NT$4 billion (US$130.3 million) at the current market price, to the TRA following a sale of the land in 1959 …”

How can you buy/sell something without transferring the ownership? Anyways, I was wondering for a long time why no one actually developed that area, I would love to get a place there.



Good question…They sold it, money changed but ownership didn’t ?
So many weird plots of lands all over Taipei like this. I have two or three just in the vicinity of the office alone . They are obviously state owned land but just left there rotting or empty.


It is the confusion between state and party assets. And what falls in the cracks between.



Just saw another one today ‘13 years later’ forgot which thread it was


Driving back from XiZhi today on the 3, traffic mostly light, heading towards a set of tunnels in the right hand lane, gravel truck ahead so stay in the same lane as they’re usually foot down. Enter the tunnel and we’re gradually slowly, by mid tunnel we’re just under 40km/hr and still slowing, when we hit 20 I hit the horn and we then we’re accelerating up to 110. Pass the guy at the first opportunity, yep, stuck to his phone.


This one:


18 Days special next to the food and snacks. I have to assume for the construction folks who drink all day on the job.


First of all draft is not in a can, draft (draught) is pulled from a tap. Not in a bottle, not in a can. And I’ve never figured out what the ‘only 18 days’ means. Is it only 18 days ‘lagered’ or does it keep 18 days only, which in a can is ridiculous. If it’s sold only 18 days it’s a lie.