Wack Things in Taiwan 2018



Whack thing in Taiwan:

Random bits of refuse appear in my wife’s front basket on her bicycle. Happened twice today. :angry:


I noticed a new place opening in Neihu. I really don’t understand the appeal of this…Drink tea with teddy bears…And I think this is for adults? My 5-year-old granddaughter would love it.


Big thing in Japan, so you won’t feel lonely when having tea/dinner all by yourself.


I think that would make me feel even worse. Lunch might be okay, but dinner by yourself with teddy bears all around you.



how about this one in shillin? i’ve seen another in gongguan but it wasn’t as lit as this.


I’d probably go there. The locals probably see this place as strangely as I see the teddy bear place.



So yes, it is whacko! I remember this skit. Mr. Bean is classic.


A neighbors dog peed on my aircon compressor unit in a townhouse I owned. Over time it ate away the metal and killed the coils. $2600 for a new one.


It’s because adults are becoming more and more infantile. Look at all the ‘Hello Kitty’ and other kawaii crap now aimed at people in their 20s, 30s and 40s. It probably says something about the state of our society that everyone wants to retreat to the comfort of their childhood.


Have you guys seen the cars plastered with hello kitty stickers?


My neighbor has a very expensive Audi…plastered in pink Hello Kitty.


One thing that’s starting to piss me off is smokers throwing butts down the drain/floor. For those that lived elsewhere, is it as bad as in Taiwan?

The 7/11 store downstairs in my apartment has tons of smokers. I asked the clerk if they can put out a cig butt recepticle/ash tray, but they said no. So i left out an empty bowl with some sand and in a few days it was full of butts.

Japan is doing it right.


Yeah it’s terrible . They throw them in the drains too like you said. Horrible habit.


Small thing but I find the oven mitt things people wear on their scooters a little humorous


You mean the protective gloves that keep your hands from freezing in the harsh conditions of the arctic winter? I’ve Bern told they are a safety hazard.


Almost every single car being black, white and silver.


Because other colors are hideous.


And because resale value.


It’s because they are the cheapest and the easiest to resell also. Black , white and silver are terminally boring.
But why did this happen to such a scale in Taiwan ?