Wack Things in Taiwan 2019



If people are happy with it, that’s fine. I wouldn’t be. It places someone in a very vulnerable position should the relationship break down.


I think this goes on around the world. Most marriages know going in (or establish through trial and error) who is the more fiscally responsible partner and behave accordingly. Often that ends up being the wifey. I don’t think it’s unusual for the other partner to agree to accept an allowance in return, in fact often it comes as a relief.


It might not be unusual, but I find it odd. Horses for courses, I guess.


He’s not planning on the relationship to brake down, he is just enjoying his life with his family.
I know its not for everyone, we have a different set up in our family.

My point like @bojack said was more along the lines of its not uncommon, and not restricted to Taiwan


Nobody plans for a relationship to break down.


I wouldn’t be so sure about that.


Fair point. Some people do and make sure they will get maximum financial reward when it happens.


I agree that if turning over control of family finances results in an atrophy of financial awareness, it can easily become a bad thing if the relationship goes belly up.

But it can still make financial sense for the relationship - as long as it lasts.


Each to their own. If people want to sign away their money in return for peace of mind then that’s their choice. I would never do it.


I agree each to there own, if thier lifestyle suites them and there are happy good luck.
There are a lot of people in a similar situation both male and female who don’t have a choice.
Their money is controlled my someone else and they have to justify everything they spend, this can be from a controlling partner or family member, or just cultural or religious reasons and this I find harder to accept.


Of course if people have no choice then that’s a bad thing.


I’m thinking this rat didn’t just up and die on the sidewalk. It possibly died in the night market and someone tossed it near the street drain. This exact spot just happens to be a nighttime spot for night market food.

Tonghua Night Market, Linjiang Street, Taipei


Squid on steroids?


Could it have been electrocuted on that mess of wiring above it?


Clearly a snooty yuppie rat, down there in hoity toity Linjiang.

Out in me and @the_bear country, the rats will steal your friggin scooter if you leave the keys in it. I’ve seen cockroaches smoking cigarettes out there. AND throwing the cello wrapper on the ground.


Rattus Norvegicus


Let’s send it to the southern clouds, it’s considered a delicacy over there!


My neighbor, yesterday


Story, please.


What am I looking at