Wack Things in Taiwan 2019



It’s one of those images that is diminished by explanation. Just enjoy it for what it is.


Hah. I knew it. @Rocket knows way more about dumpster diving than he lets on.


For that picture, I know the perspective is messing up the relative sizes, but still … that’s terrifying.

Wait, which one of the two is/was your neighbor?


I find it utterly shameful that they’re going after the little tiny baby ones like that.


For the ones not being handed out money after they pay but instead the Taiwanese person gets the change and receipt, it is because Taiwanese people think foreigners are losers and have no money for shit. Especially those low jobs like clerks etc. they think if you were any good you wouldn’t come to Taiwan and stay in Mei Guo.


Make sure and drink plenty of water before you go to bed


It’s the 17th of January and the christmas tree and lights are still up. Epifania was 2 weeks ago.
Don’t they know its chopsticks-in-rice level bad luck? I thought they hated bad luck here.




Will probably be up all year.
I have seen Christmas decorations up at some places all year covered in inches of dust and grime. Probably been up for years.


I was talking about this last week with the security in my apartment, I was asking when the Christmas tree would be taken down as it’s considered bad luck.

That say they are going to redecorate it for the new year and will take it down after that.

I thought that was a pretty reasonable explanation, and told them that the duel use sould off set any bad luck.

They have enough superstition to worry about, I don’t need to give them any more :grinning:


The last place that I lived had a decoration prominently displayed on their tree that said Merry Christm

Dunno what happened to the “as”.


Can´t beat em, join em. My Christmas lights are up all year. I was complaining about the trees still up at a restaurant we go to every week… then I noticed my Santa door decoration is still greting me every day. Sigh.


Someone is BLASTING “My Heart Will Go On” in my neighborhood right now.


Did you stop hanging your unmentionables out in plain sight and now one of your neighbors is heartbroken? Maybe this is just their way of coping with the loss.


In my 55 years on earth I’ve never heard this superstition. I feel left out.


You can always make up for lost time by dusting away the bad qi before you sit down on public transportation.



BTW in Taiwan when you throw out personal stuff, like PCs or laptops and such, you should offer 4 bills of gold spirit money, for good luck.

That one was new to me too.

Tables and other unimportant stuff do not require such ceremony. Onle learns something new every day.

BTW, yep, 6th you are suppose dto take everything down. In the old country you are supposed to have a party, hand out sweets and gifts.


Befana can’t find me in Taiwan to give me my coal. She doesn’t recognise Taiwan.


A not necessarily wack, but kind of insane thing is seeing someone driving a huge Ford pickup truck in Taiwan.

Where? How? Why?? And which one of youse rich foreigners is it? Show yourself.