Wack Things in Taiwan 2019



There’s still buxiban


Me too


That photo reminded me of this ad. Pretty daring for a well-known brand like Aussiebum.


There’s one family in Loudong that has three of them. At least, I think it’s one family. They vehicles are always parked on the street together in the same place.


They couldn’t get the instructions right in English nor Chinese (it’s dial 1 twice, enter the number, hash and then dial 1 again)


People with a wack haircut that looks like a dead possum glued on top of their skull.


The bowl is back too, as well as the dead possum…



Who could possibly be washing their feet in the sink?



Whyyyyyy… washrooms are the worst place to be taking off your shoes and socks…


Maybe she stepped in shit on her way to wash he… Nevermind


Some people (mostly the men, I think, and the ayis who have absolutely destroyed their hair with terrible perms and then dyed it red) do have wack hair here, but at least it’s not like Japanese men’s hair. Some of them actually try to achieve an anime look irl. It looks so dumb. Or they dump gel or wax throughout their hair and tease it all out in a strange frizzy way. Like a mass of wet pubes.

My favorite hairdos are the bowlcuts and little schoolgirl bobs on toddlers and young children. So stinkin cute.


On the train… The moment someone opposite me got up the guy next to me got up and took that seat :no_mouth:


Maybe they think you smell like milk.


We tend to conclude these things are due to our waiguoren-ness. On the bus a couple of months ago, the driver, over the microphone, called out that the man standing on the left middle of the bus has not swiped his card. I didn’t hear cos it was scratchy and let’s be honest my Chinese is ordinary. He said it again, then again a third time. I’m pretty slow - but this time I understood, but didn’t know it was me, I had actually swiped. I looked around, everyone on that damn bus was looking right at me. I joined the dots, he must’ve said something racial to finger me. I was with my son, so I just shouted out shwa guo le, xie xie. Probably sounded rude, but this sort of public accusation didn’t put me in the mood to exchange pleasantries did it? He mumbled something again over the mike. He was not going to get off my case. Everyone still looking at me, who knows some sad cat was probably filming for upload to a TV news channel. Banana peel incident eat your heart out. So I secured my son in the seat and went up and swiped, and the machine groaned and said already swiped or whatever error you get when you swipe twice in a short period of time. Driver goes buhaoyise over the mike. Boom - waiguoren wins.


This almost certainly has nothing to do with you personally. I do this when a row of empty seats opens up just so I’m not sitting right next to someone when I don’t have to. Unlike the Chinese, Taiwanese people value their personal space.

Or maybe your body is large and wide and extends beyond the boundaries of your seat. Or you reek, like @tango42 said.


“Reek” is a strong word. :grin:


Did he maybe, under the false impression he were flying EVA Air, mistakenly make in his pants? I’m pretty sure the MRT doesn’t provide Wipe Assist, so he would have just sat there all stank.
Just spitballin here :idunno: