Wack Things in Taiwan 2019

Reek (/riːk/)
Riek (/riːk/)

Isn’t that a pitchfork?

Technically, a pitch fork has no more than 3 tines. more than that would be a manure fork (fortuitous, given the venue) or digging fork.

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OK, I trust your hick wisdom.

Technically that would be hick “knowledge”, but either way, yeah, as you should.

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Geez, somebody’s being a little anal today. I prescribe more coffee, preferably spiked.

One understands that “anal” is what you and your countrymen call what would be referred to anywhere else as “literate”, it’s cool.
But I wouldn’t trust your prescription on whether the blue or red salt lick is better today, never mind what I should be drinking.

“Rimming” your spiked coffee with salt is actually not half bad. If “prescription” sounds too fascist, call it a suggestion.

First you’re all on about my “little anal”, and now this “rimming” request?


I think I need to call the dioscese on you.

Don’t bother. They gave up on me years ago.

I thought that was a rake.

These are what Americans usually refer to as rakes. Usage may be different in other countries.


Yes. Such as in Finland where these tools are used to prevent forest fires.

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Another challenge:



Piggy year, you can not eat pork this year! Save my kin!

I hate this. Who is the genius engineer who thought, “Yeah, let’s put that street light, sign post, etc smack dab in the middle of the sidewalk.”?

You are walking along and then bam! Impassable. Especially annoying when you are pushing your baby along in a stroller. It forces you to step out into traffic.

This occurs all over the place! :angry:

The other thing that annoys me is when a store has a ramp entrance but you have to step up a step to get to the ramp. WTF!

Imagine if you had a wheelchair.


The sidewalk was probably put in after the street light.

But, yeah, Taiwan is no place to live if you happen to have a physical disability. Outside of Taipei, at least.

Taiwan is the land of watch where you step. My dad always complains about that when he visits. Uneven ground abounds.


Back in the days they planned this no one had a stroller.

Wheelchairs that’s a recent discovery in Taiwan. Since they have caretakers.