Wack Things in Taiwan 2019



That’s pretty unusual.

They must really hate you.


Next year, find out about the location in advance, and show up with a few under your belt.


Consider yourself lucky, it’s 6 months in the company I work for! No bonus’ or party invites until after that.


Geez, man. You’re gonna give him a (bigger) complex!


I was thinkin, though.
Don’t tell him I said this, but what if he really does smell like poop??:eek:


Somebody should have said something to you. But I guess nobody wants to be the one to tell the foreigner. If it helps, it doesn’t seem like you’ve been left out since what you describe is standard in Taiwan. I’ve found out that there are LINE groups in which everything like this is being communicated (the fact that there is a party but new workers can’t participate, etc.). I’ve got someone who tells me these things, but I still do feel not quite belonging at times.


Don’t feel bad. You probably dodged a bullet. Those kinds of functions are usually excruciating.


You could’ve been the idiot called onto the podium to sing KalaOK!


Unless they give away hella money and great prizes!!!


I think @hanna149 has been pushing that theory.


At a bushiban? I kinda doubt it.


I even stay away from those. Honestly, I just wanna go home.


She should know, she sat beside him on the MRT.

Poor little thing. :disappointed_relieved:


If they’re smelling anything they’re probably smelling a shitty attitude.

Put off some whiffs of positive energy for the new year, @Uncreativeusername!


True. Some can still throw a decent shindig, though. Like anything it comes down to your management…

Party pooper!


4,000 NT$ TV’s


First one they saw at the 711 firesale.


Yeah, mine this year had bottomless beer and whiskey and cash prizes up to 60K, and the giveaways were everything from phones and Dyson appliances to trips to Nippon and Korea, and even a Gogoro.
Scantily clad dancing girls and the Executive Officers did a choreographed number to Bruno Mars.

Pretty good, man.


Whoa, Bruno Mars was there? That’s quite a production!


First choice was Pete Burns, but, well…:sob: