Wack Things in Taiwan 2019



Did they give you the stamp booklet? Put the stamps there to get a pan or a set of knives. Might take some serious shopping though.


Same as the sticker deals at the convenience stores: there should be a little booklet beside the till, and you put the stickers in that. If you accumulate enough stickers you can get discounted stuff. The current promotion is with Bodum, and the discounts are on things like coffee cups and thermoses and sealed jars.

As Icon says, this can take a lot of shopping: one sticker per $200 spent; if you get 20 stickers, you then have the privilege of, for example, paying $549 to get two insulated coffee cups. As if every apartment in Taiwan doesn’t already have a half dozen or more of those things.

The sticker booklet has the link event.pxmart.com.tw/Bodum/ - but that’s not working for me.

Oh, and if you by chance manage to accumulate enough points by the time the promotion is finished, you may have a matter of hours to redeem before all the stuff is gone.


And this is why I also can’t be bothered with those stickers.


If you redeem your stickers before the end date and they are out of stock of the items you wanted, they give you a rain check. Just have to wait another day or two, no big deal. You guys over dramatize stuff here.

Happened to me with the Wellcome sticker book and their knives promotion. I just had to wait 2 days for them to restock. Nice knives too.


My brother Frank was due back from Vietnam within the week.
In one of his letters, he wrote…
“Guys over here expect their hair to stay dry in the rain.”
-The Indian Runner


I wasn’t talking about before the end date - I was talking about after the end date. Some will still be available for a short time, some won’t. I forget what little signs they actually put over the products, but a few were along the lines of “Need to order”, and others were “All gone.” That was at PX Mart, a couple of days after the sticker-collection period ended.


The best thing to do with the PX stickers (or any stickers, if there’s something you actually want to get from someplace) is just collect them from your family members, friends, and coworkers who don’t want them.


Wellcome tried that with me when they had the ‘Masterchef’ pots and pans, needed to wait like 3 months, I told to go ***** themselves and produce the item on the spot or in a reasonable time frame. Well, as it turned out coincidentally an employee had stashed away one for her and produced the item right there. Good customer service.


Sticker thing is fascinating. Maybe should be a separate thread on it.


About 30 or 40 years ago we had a thing called Green Shield stamps in limey land. Was similar to this sticker stuff.


Unsurprisingly, it looks like we’ve already done it! (Mods, maybe separate this whole sticker part from this thread - it is actually useful information.)

I haven’t bothered with the convenience store stickers in several years - I used to go to coffee shops more often, but now the (rarer) Starbucks discounts are less appealing. I’ve never managed to use PX Mart stickers for anything - they typically seem to be decent discounts on overpriced products that I don’t want anyway. Got some good oven-safe ceramic dishes out of a Carrefour sticker promotion a couple of years ago. I vaguely remember the knife one at Wellcome that SuiGeneris talked about - that one was worthwhile, but I’d just finished getting the knives I wanted, so I didn’t bother with it. I think my wine glasses all came from these promotions too - maybe at Wellcome?


Remember those things! My uncle had a construction business and had books full of those stickers, never got round to actually cashing them in!



Try finding out how many “points” you have on your credit card. :thinking: One useful thing, is when you book an HSR ticket , you can quite often get an upgrade to business, using the points. Not every train , but many .



Cleaning fever has started! Once a year!


I don’t get it.

Meiji makes a little single serving strawberry ice cream/cheesecake one that’s pretty fuckin good…



That’s your wack thing?


Must one go all the way to Japan to enjoy that or is it available here?


One must go all the way over to the Family Mart in the next building.