Wack Things in Taiwan 2019



Ma fan. The 7-11 is closer.



7/11 looks like a coworking space.


I can tell it must be winter vacation time because I don’t see anyone sleeping there.


Seeing a yoyo card machine at the hospital for paying hospital bill and knowing that:

a) most people use yoyo card for inexpensive transactions like the bus or drinks at convenience store
b) most people keep less than 1000 on their yoyo card
c) most yoyo card transactions are way below 1000

It can be assumed that many hospital bills are damn cheap.


150-300 NT$


Is that the super huge one in Taoyuan?


It blows my mind one can make an appointment from an app. Small clinics can also make an appointment for you in a big hospital if so required - or emergency. You can get your prescription, same medicine - brand and origin - in almost any neighborhood pharmacy, same as the big hospital. If there is an emergency no one hesitates to have you in an operating room at the speed of sneeze.


Some people have to pay for small things like records which would cost less than $100. But yeah, the copay is usually cheap. Wellcome has them and people are likely to spend more money there.




Found in a My Warm Day washroom.


Meh, I’ve seen weirder “art” in toilets. I think a place called My Warm Day is way more wack.


Just a reminder! This one is Non Erotic.


They must get a lot of tourists walking past.


Surely that’s up to the customer to decide? I’m sure fat EVA guy could get an erotic moan out of one of those options.


In Canada, IKEA used props to demonstrate their products. These props were usually fake, cardboard cut outs or empty glass containers. You used your imagination to fill in the rest.

In Taiwan, props are still used, but they’re real. Real TVs, real monitors…

real food products including pasta sauce…

…that went bad 5 years ago…


Today I rode the bus with a cockroach. And that, folks, is why I only ever carry bags with a zipper.

As I watched it sitting atop another passenger’s shoe enjoying the ride, I couldn’t help but think of this song.

Makin’ my way downtown…scurrying fast…faces pass and I’m sewer bound…


Hehe , I just see this scene everytime


Being inside a men’s public restroom and a woman yelling at you in Chinese.

And then realizing she’s yelling 小心 xiao xin (be careful) because she just moped a wet floor.


cha bu duo! don’t think too much!

but yea this is a pretty stupid thing. all over my street they put lights right in the middle of the crossing part where you are supposed to walk back on to the pavement. why design something properly when you can just half ass it and nobody cares anyway?


I hate trying to eat cake, desert or snacks with these damn Taiwan popular little baby forks that crumble everything impossible to pick up.