Wack Things in Taiwan 2019



Yeah I’m not sure I’ll ever get past this in Taiwan (it’s a thing throughout Asia, actually). Where I’m from females of all ages scrupulously avoid men’s public restrooms and it’s real unusual to see one there. Mistakes happen, sure, but usually the female scurries out at roughly Mach 1 (and of course young children are often accompanied by a caregiver, but that is not the same thing). Women yelling in the men’s bathroom is comical, but jarring anyway.


I thought it was ‘big dick’ she was yelling at you!


It usually is.


In a modern new office building


Isn’t that the range of floors the elevator serves at right?


Took awhile to figure it out. This is building B, elevator number 5. So most elevators in building basement have conflicting B numbers unless you know the system.


So, what’s the 3?

Numbering systems are often pretty wack in Taiwan. Where I work the buildings are numbered according to when they were built. So, building number 1 is between buildings 3 and 7. Building 2 is next to 6. And so on. Makes giving directions to people interesting.


This car has been here all day. I have no idea what happened, but weirded out that it’s been here for 12 hours.


It’s because Calvin peed in the gas tank.


I’m still surprised every time I see the Ginkgo Semen Almond Grain Powder


Breaking News!


Bus driver gets out to take a pee at a red light: https://news.ltn.com.tw/news/life/breakingnews/2694888


Pissing on the bus probably wasn’t a great choice


That’s a bit of a mouthful.


Poor guys have no pit stops, nowhere to pee but the terminal…but constant sitying causes infections and a tendency to pee more helps.


Better out than in, I guess. But even harder these days when everyone has a camera.


Must remember that the next time I pee on the back of the bus.


i’ve done almost a total 180 here when it comes to cycling. i usually just pop on to the road now. its faster and easier. most roads here are actually pretty wide so other traffic doesn’t really bother you. the biggest problem is cars parked which makes you need to ride out into the busy traffic. theres somebody parked on basically every road and sometimes they are even double parked. i wish they sorted that out. taipei is very cyclable actually. i recon a large amount of scooter trips( shorter ones) could be replaced by bike and little time would be lost.


No picture, but this morning I saw this weird older guy on a bike that had mounted 3 smart phones on the handlebar!


Pokemon warrior


Pokémon mounted warrior.