Wack Things in Taiwan 2019



Hey. Gotta catch em all!



That’s a great way to tan your face while cooking your kidneys


See was sitting down peeing at the bus stop!




Looks like Sanchung


Was @mad_masala filming it?


someone forgot to tell his wife from China that bathrooms are indoors


If you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go. It’s only wee wee.


I’ve got no issue with someone picking somewhere discreet, like a bus stop for example, and going wee wee.


If looks could kill


Damn! You don’t see this type of thing in Taipei every day…


Where did I see an ass like that before…? Ah, yeah


That’s that Hank Hill ass.



Saw this a while back…in Taipei. I had just come out of that Family Mart.


Shih threw the hamster cage, which contained the male hamster, against a wall, then picked up the hamster after it rolled out of the cage and hurled it at the wall, killing it, the office said, adding that Chang had taken care of the female hamster, as she was cleaning that particular part of the cage…Under the act, the Taipei Animal Protection Office was obliged to perform an autopsy on the hamster and it confirmed that the hamster died from internal hemorrhaging.


Brightened up.


I really don’t see what’s the problem people have with public pissing. Animals piss all over the place.

Public number 2s I draw the line at. That’s a genuine health hazard.


I very occasionally see moms hang their toddlers over a grate to go, but it makes a little more sense to me seeing as kids don’t always vocalize when they need to pee until they absolutely must pee right now.

But a grown woman…:grimacing:


She may have physical, or mental health issues. It would have been kinder to have ignored her.