Wack Things in Taiwan 2019



My only issue is they’re right next to the entrance of a Family Mart! Go inside and use the restroom! I’ve asked at a few convenience stores without a public restroom and more times than not they’ve let me use their employee one. Even if they didn’t, there’s these drainage grates all over. Choose one not right next to an entrance of a business.

I had another one, also Taipei, of a guy who looked to be in his early 20s who had just hopped off his scooter to take a piss. I was sitting at a red light and he was right across the street, middle of the day. Couldn’t find the pic, though. :frowning:


Do you know what’s really wack? A bunch of people talking about people peeing in Taiwan. Yes that includes me. Talking and peeing.


Public urinating is an offence punishable by law!


Yeah, you guys with massive huge tadgers never do…


It’s true, something might not be quite right there. There’s certainly a lot of untreated mental illness in Taiwan, so…


Inside Starbucks sounds like jet airplanes landing and taking off all in Chinese language.


You fuckin talkin about me again. aren’t you? Huh? Aren’t you?!?!


I rarely get a Mosquito in my place …but when I do…


not necessarily whack but the very seasonal fruit and veg here can be annoying. took me a while to even find lemons yesterday. i was looking for avacados too, seen them everywhere recently but when i actually needed to buy some they are no where to be found. jasons saved the day though.


Uhhhh, that’s kind of the way it’s supposed to be, innit??


I found this link which is useful:


No, they literally burn copies of the many drafts of the NAFTA.

At last, somebody’s finally found a good use for it.


sort of ? i mean i found everything in the end i just needed to go to 4 different supermarkets and most of the day was gone after that.


Two days ago I went to Family Mart.

Yesterday I walked past the same Family Mart and it was closed and completely empty space all shelves and everything completely removed. Nothing but floor and walls.

Today the same Family Market is open for business again with the cash register moved to the opposite side of the building, more space, and all shelves installed and full.


Is this wack, or is it just kind of amazing?


24 h!


Both. I kind of use wack as unique different unexpected things good and bad. It’s all in the tone of voice.

Bad= “that’s wack” bubble tea
Good=“that’s waaaaaack” bubble tea

Try it.


Was it one of those black mosquitoes ?


As long as the (minimum wage?) workers who carried out the work were paid adequate overtime for working through the night, and no one’s safety, that is neither customer nor employee, was compromised, I agree it is amazing :blush:.


It’s not difficult, is it? When I was a youngster I worked in a supermarket and moving that shelving around was a doddle.