Wack Things in Taiwan 2019



These 7 publishers have textbooks for elementary schools.



Much publicised ‘Disney Parade’ in Taipei ended up being some Japanese people walking on the street and a single Disney truck with Minnie, Mickey and Pluto speeding by at about 30km an hour. :frowning:


In raincoats.


Oh, I was talking about private language schools. The companies I worked for published curriculum for that, elementary on up. Some of it may have been used by private schools, but I doubt by public schools. The Vietnamese public school system actually adopted the system I had worked on. Or maybe it was for universities, there was a lot going on.

Odd that Hess and Kid Castle publish for elementary schools. Seems at cross purposes.


Hope he gets off the next station


Is that on TRA? Near which station?



Crack Things in Taiwan 2019


Right, people talking on the phone is wack.


Looks like he’s already getting off. :sunglasses:




It’s in a local train


When you think you’ve seen it all you’ll be surprised. Just this morning at the busy Fuzhong bus stop, 2 fucking dirty farts eating chicken and just throwing the bones on the sidewalk, right in front where people get off. No one says a thing!


Normal situation, no one is surprised. No one is looking up. Too busy with their ‘smart’ phone!





Nope. Saving money !


Scooter, bike, mobility scooter lane is really slow.


Why is this wack?


Well, not a safe ideal, even dangerous, to have a slow moving obstruction on a major highway where speed limit is 60km or so.