Wack Things in Taiwan 2019



He/She is at least hugging the curb. Would you suggest they jump the curb to get on the sidewalk?

And if that was actually a “major highway” there wouldn’t be a scooter lane to begin with.


I’m suggesting slow moving objects should not be anywhere on the road. It’s probably a law.

I was imaging a scooter coming up behind me, then moving into the scooter lane to pass, then crashing into this slow moving obstruction.


How about a slow bicyclist?

So you took this shot whilst driving? That’s probably a law.


I’m pretty sure there’s a law that prohibits Americans from using “whilst.” :sunglasses:


I would never admit that.


Now that’s wack! :rant:


Oh, now you speak American. :grin:


At least I didn’t say “kerb”. :stuck_out_tongue:


Johnny Walker Trees at a Wake
Hard to see, but didn’t want to get to close to the memorial with a camera.
To honor a woman who passed, there are 4 of these trees set up. The are layered with alternating boxes and bottles of Johnny Walker.
I’m guessing she was a drinker?




Keep Walking in the Next Life


Better than a zillion cans of Taiwan beer and Heineken!


Saw a dude the other night having his toddler straight up take a whizz into the storm drain.
A foreign dude.



Weddings and funerals are more about displays of wealth than honoring people. Whiskey says they are loaded.


Could be cheapo whisky from a supermarket!
But then some families spend 2, 3, 5, 10 million NT$ on a funeral.


Was sitting at a red light in Luzhou.


Probably a 7-11 or Family Mart a block or two away…


In far, far away foreign land!


I don’t believe it’s really Johnny Walker for a second. But it’s a funny send off.


Actually, Johnny is not the most expensive whiskey out there, just the most well known here. Taiwan is one of the main markets for whisky and they even have a bottle decorated for Year of the Pig marketed here.