Wack Things in Taiwan 2019



There aren’t many public toilets around the place. Give him and his little prodigy a break …


I know it’s relatively cheap whiskey. But I still doubt it’s real Johnny Walker :).


Why wouldn’t it be? Do you think they are fake Johnny Walker bottles?


Real bottles, fake booze


Loads of fake stuff like that . Not saying definitely, but very possibly . Might not even be whiskey inside.


I wasn’t judging, people on here are always slaggin off locals for doing this, was my point.


Ok, I’ll say it. Adam Sandler was in Taiwan?


Would anyone actually care if he was?






Nobody was thinking it.


Of course !




Taiwan, welcoming burnouts and has-beens since…well, forever.


They make fake cardboard stuff to send with the deceased to the afterlife.


Usually those offering towers do have the real thing, though the only drink I´ve seen is that yellow P cans. Must be auspicious.

carboard stuff is like paper cars, planes, clothing, etc. that the deceased may need in teh afterlife so they burn them to "send " them away.


continuing on from the pollution thread about ‘face’ i watched the Anthony Bourdain layover taipei episode again recently. the way that locals big up things that are clear BS is rather irritating. a number of times taipei was mentioned (by taiwanese) as being multicultural and a ‘melting pot’. i wanted to throw something at the screen.


Maybe more a ‘hot pot’?