Wack Things in Taiwan 2019



That’s an idea, bring a big bag with your garbage in it and dump it in a movie theater!


The inability of some folks here to imagine that they may actually be sharing this planet with other human beings remains one of Taiwan’s biggest mysteries. What kind of socialization led to this outcome? It boggles my mind.



The one I encounter the most is people walk into the elevator without looking for people getting off. Now I just stand in the middle so they don’t try to squeeze past me and just wait for me to get off.


I was getting off the HSR a couple of weeks ago and people were trying to get on at the same time. You know how narrow those doors are, and people had luggage. It was chaos.


He dead?


It was a bit sad to observe a family on the MRT. Parents fixated on their phones - two young kids playing with each other and the father briefly stops what he’s doing to slap them to he quiet.

Not so much whack so much as whack though - I overheard someone say 我想一個好ideeah. Since I haven’t figured out how to express this in Chinese I might adopt this phrase


Those phones…



Especially on holidays, all you see is tired, angry parents, screaming or hitting kids for being kids. That or ignoring their progeny. It is sad. Sometimes you see a family actually enjoying each other’s company, but it is rare.


Crane takes down sign.


The only thing I’ve seen so far is screaming kids and parents don’t care a bit.


The waitress at Texas Roadhouse thought I was a professor or a doctor … and asked if I would like to teach her Taiwanese :thinking:She then proceeded to go off and line - dance to cotton - eyed joe​:smirk:. I was looking at the foreigners in there and wondering if any Forumosans were there :thinking:


Hmmm… Interesting design choice.


Sometimes wack things come to us:


It’s definitely looks real. The bottles are all sealed and the boxes are next the them. There is a huge liquor distribution store a few doors down. I am assuming that maybe her family owns it


I’ve had an epiphany! I can’t keep cats.

Beats “I want to spend 6 months bumming around India” I guess.



the parents look so overwhelmed, you feel sorry for them…until they lose it and whack the kids on one side of the head.


I would whack them on both sides, or pull their ear!


Is hiking around Taiwan carrying bags on a box-moving handcart, hand truck, two wheeler, stack truck, trundler, box cart, sack barrow, cart, dolly, sack truck, wack?


That actually seems like a pretty good idea. It looks silly though.


Seems like it would be bad on the shoulders and arm with hand twisted behind back for hours and kilometers.