Wack Things in Taiwan 2019



Haha …love it :slightly_smiling_face:


You can always switch arms and push it in front of you too.


Still, wouldn´t that thing be better hooked up to a bike…a scooter… anything but human! That angle, hurts my shoulders just looking.


Or hook it up to hers.


Spares the spine though.


I have no doubt the thought crossed his mind.


Maybe the scooter broke down?


Why do so many women still smell like that damn Chloe perfume? It’s been years now. Why won’t this trend die!


Marketing? Or it’s cheap?

I almost never notice perfume on women in Taiwan. When I do notice, I’m looking around like wow that’s nice.


Trends die, maybe it’s not a trend?

Some men still use ‘Old Spice’!


Maybe you should just stop sniffing them. :wink:

Joe Biden isn’t the best role model.


I would but the sillage is such that I have no choice. Gag!

I don’t think it’s cheap. It’s just that everyone seems to like it for some reason. It’s a very rose-heavy scent. Smells like grandma’s couch.


I know the feeling. I have a sensitive nose too. I can feel a migraine coming on after about ten seconds in the perfume section…or any place that sells scented candles.



We cows don’t puke, we just chew our cud.



I almost ralphed into my scotch


Couch, not cooch!


I thought it said crotch at first :scream:


Seems like you guys’ noses are fine, but you might want to get your eyes checked…