Wack Things in Taiwan 2019



Another of Taiwan’s interesting design choices.

Lovely! They covered the Next Station Marquee. Adventure bus!



I once met a Dutch couple on the Camino de Santiago who planned to camp the whole way. The man had built a small cart to carry their supplies in. It was designed to be pulled from straps connected to the man’s backpack. He said they started walking in Holland, and I met them near the start of the walk in Spain. They planned to go all the way to Santiago. No idea how or why they’d do it. I don’t know what the trip from Holland was like, but the Camino has many stairs, narrow bridges, and narrow paths. Also met a lady with a baby. That was a terrible idea.


g r a n n y c o o c h


Send this image to Xinbei government—don’t just post it here. Get this idiotic mistake fixed!



Half the time not working!


Better than none of the time visible!



Bus driver told me they are replacing it with LCD screens. It looks like it will be running Android.

Oh great. Lets complicate the system even further and double the potential points of failure.

They cant even manage the Marquee, how do they expect to manage an android with a fragile LCD screen?

Just like high school all over again. We had a choice between TVs in the hallways and new barbecues. They chose the TVs cause tech is COOL! Yeah. Catholic high school propaga-I mean news is SOOO much better than hamburgers, steaks and sausages.



It is running Android.


Talking about perfume, never noticed anything wrong with Taiwanese girls/women, Filipinas on the other hand, you can smell their perfume from two streets away.


Try spending an hour at a crowded English mass on Sunday morning full of (mostly) female Filipino overseas workers. (We generally go to Chinese masses, but didn’t that time.)
Our poor youngest child kept on coughing throughout mass due to the overwhelming aggregate perfume smell.


Driving a scooter named ‘Power Seduction’ or an electric contraption ‘NiceRich’!


Try getting on a bus early in the morning in any Latin American country. The clash of perfumes and colognes is overwhelming.


Nail filing at the book section at 10:00PM in carrefour, on the table, letting the scrubs fall where the children read the books…


Not (toe) nail clipping? :thinking:


It drives me crazy when I hear that sound in public. Some people have no boundaries.


I witnessed tow clipping in the parks during the nights quite frequently, generally some random old man or (woman!)


These chicken kebab pringles are utter shite


It’s Sour Cream & Onion or GTFO.



Looks like the English is accurate. What’s the problem?