Wack Things in Taiwan 2019



Just show some cleavage and you’ve got a winning business strategy


How’s this for logic:
K-man loves to post about foreigners doing bad things in Taiwan.
That’s bad.
He’s a foreigner.
You want to post about him.
Therefore, you most be K-man.

I’ve always suspected he was behind his own thread, or at least happy about it. He’s all about the clicks. Fair enough, it’s a website. If I could do what he does I’d do it too. I hope they pay him a commission because he’s very motivated. For the clicks, not for accuracy or punctuation or anything like that.


He’s definitely among us…
He’s probably reading this thread right now…

The first person to like and reply to this post will be the k-mans secret account



I knew it!


I would be the last person to be the K-man . My writing sucks.


You just signed your own warrant, genius!


You showed up in this thread awfully quickly huh, Milky…
Really makes you think :thinking:


Har har. I was thinking maybe you Sir?


I’m a proud member of the neighborhood watch committee.



He’s actually @taiwannews886
He posts his own stuff occasionally, but now everyone does it for him.


Who’s always posting crap about foreigners? That’s your guy!


That’s way too many cameras for one street with no tolls being collected or anything. Wonder if checking facial recognition through car window.


They read license plates in real time.


Talking about reading license plates, the AI parking system they had implemented that read the plates and you paid with your card… is broken. I mean, I think they set up the machines in July and up till now I have never seen them go one week straight without the broken/under maintenance/whatever just covered up.


I assumed the water out of the 加水站s are fine to drink, but I just noticed a sticker on it that says “應煮沸 勿生飲”
I’m not 100% but I think I get the meaning. I’ve been drinking this for months. Am I going to die?


Yes…in about fifty years.


Decisions… Cheapest wins.


The first one looks interesting.


And it’s probably all RO water, one from the tap and one from the ‘ocean’. Bottled and labeled, transported.